This paper discusses the essential employee satisfaction’s importance in the Organizational strategies and the role that Human resource managers play in satisfying employees. This paper has used a well-analyzed and a logic flow of ideas. Doing this familiarizes students with essential topics, terms and practices of the Human resource management, especially employee’s satisfaction. Journal publications, business magazines and news-papers have been used to extract knowledge on the key issues surrounding the Human resource (Saul, 2012). The impacts of considering the satisfaction of employees and the possible ways to satisfy employees have been tackled in this paper. The facts about employee’s satisfaction, as they appear in different articles, have been used in this paper. They have proved to be hugely influential in making the students in the group discussion understand the basic perspectives of human resource management.

In his Journal, Jerald Greenberg articulates that for the bright future of Organizations, it is necessary for the Human resource management to maintain a healthy relationship with the employees. This would result into adequate performance of the employees and their productivity would have a positive bearing in the performance of the business or may form an organization. In the recent past, economies around the world have experienced constrains and tough economic times. This scenario can probably be improved be governments, considering boosting employee’s satisfaction, as it appears in Jerald Greenberg’s article (Abbott, 2003). Employee’s satisfaction is particularly vital for the achievement of goals and objectives of any organization. On satisfaction with their job, employees become more productive and participate positively in building the organization.

On articles dealing with work place issues, Mary Rau-Foster, RN BS ARM Jd, places emphasis on the importance of employee satisfaction in any organization for its positive development. In her analysis, she clearly stipulates that if the human resource management does not consider the employee's morale, there are chances that the organization will collapse or quarrel to ensue.  The article reveals that satisfied employees are remarkably attentive in granting their customers’ needs during the service delivery.  The impacts of poor satisfaction and motivation of employees are reflected in the service delivery of the employees. This shows that there is an indirect connection between the employee’s satisfaction and customer’s satisfaction, considering that these employees have more contact with the customers, even more than management (Crant, 2000). Continually placing emphasis in this essay helps to realize that human resource management should take time to learn what motivates the employees. This article also has the signs of low employee’s morale which includes insubordination, increased absenteeism, theft conflict among employees, and decreased productivity among other malpractices. Human resource personnel should look for such signs when assessing the extent of employee’s motivation in their Organizations.  Productivity and customer’s satisfaction are the benefits that come along with employee’s satisfaction.

The globe and mail article published on the 1st June 2012 may also be used to help the Human Resource learners to understand the importance of employee’s satisfaction in the organization. In the business news, they happened to expose a fact that most workers are not happy with their jobs. The article focuses on the research of North American workers arguing that they are not certain with their jobs. This can be highly detrimental to the performance of any organization.  The Globe and Mail used a report on Canadian workers that stipulated that only 19% of the workers were satisfied with their current jobs. In the article, Michael Haid, who is the senior vice-president of the group, called Talent manager and argued that job satisfaction among employees has a direct bearing on the performance, retention and productivity (Johanson, 1977).

Wayne Clerks’ article in the HR business magazine has also discussed the importance of employee’s motivations and the possible ways to help improve employee’s satisfaction. In this article, Wayne Clerk talks about the future of business organizations in the United Kingdom.  It is tremendously noteworthy that the writer of this outstanding article is acutely sensitive to the way Human resource personnel handles their employees. He advises Chief Executive Officers of the United Kingdom to emulate the spirit that China has (Sullivan, 1994). The writer of this article was the head of the large accounting firm that was tremendously successful. Therefore, his opinion concerning the motivation of employees cannot be disputed by any rational thinker.

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In this article, David Saul uses a survey carried out by the Sunday Times, which showed that employees were satisfied to work in organizations that offer the consistent holidays.  He argues using a series of researches conducted that; when employees are allowed by the human resource department to participate in charity work, they gain a lot. This is reflected positively in the Organization, since management uses less money to fund the employees’ Organization. The human resource council in their research also suggested connections that existed between the job satisfaction and employee retention (Greenberg, 1990). During this research, which occurred in 2008, there was so much emphasis on the importance of taking care of employee’s interests. Research shows the challenges of employee’s retention in an organization. It uses well-organized and collected statistics to help the people employed by various organizations to achieve stability and content in their jobs.  The reflection of the overall satisfaction, as it appears in the report, occurs in three main indicators which include; whether employees are searching for a new job, whether the employees are thinking about resignation and whether the employees are committed to the achievement of goals and missions of the organization. It also revealed that people who are likely to quit their jobs within less than 12 months’ time are likely not to be contented with the job.

An article by Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf in the charity village shows that employee’s turnover rates can be increased by limiting revenue and operating budgets of organizations, especially the non-profit ones. It places unique emphasis on the need to nurture the spirit of employees working in the organization. In the article, several suggestions have been made to improve the employee’s satisfaction which is immensely beneficial to the organization. The article stipulates five key ways of promoting the relationship between the employees, and promoting their efficiency. The first way to counter this is mentoring the personal development and growth for employees in any organization (Rau-Foster, 1999). Secondly, it helps to have a visionary boss, so that he motivates the employees and consider adding some more employees, in case the employees work excessively in their organizations. Jean Crowad in another article found in the Charity village shows clearly that employers should fuel the passion of the employees in their job. This would come with motivating efforts of the employees, even if it takes little options.

An article by Joshua Bjerke on the 4th October 2012 showed that the society for Human resource management’s research had revealed that 81% of employees are supremely comfortable with the job they are doing at the moment. This report has focused on issues, such as job security, relationship with upper management and compensation to determine the perception of employees on these issues in their jobs (Levy-Ajzenkopf, 2011). The most salient elements of their jobs, such as job security and compensation, should get particularly significant consideration. According to this research, satisfaction of employees in their jobs peaked at 2009, and the trend appears to be changing according to their prediction. When the rates of employee’s satisfaction reduce at any given time, this means that the employees could be suffering from general unfairness from the organization or government. Tax rates should be made reasonably low by the government, so that employees could experience times of financial stability.

Julie Abbott uses her research to reveal that employee’s satisfaction is of ultimate importance in human resource management.  She uses employee’s morale as the term determining the extent of satisfaction among the employees. Her research findings indicate that there is an inverse proportion that exists between employee’s satisfaction and the performance of the organization in general (Martin, 2012). The study also places emphasis on some methods to improve the morale of employees. The unique method that appears in this study is a warm relationship with their management. When these methods are appropriately used, employees would be more satisfied and the same would be reflected in the performance of the organization. Therefore, it is of ultimate importance for the Human Resource department to make sure their employees are comfortable with their jobs. The interests of employees should also be tackled with a lot of concern.

Susan M. Hearthfield in her article uses an analysis that indicates a reduction in employee satisfaction to 45%. A shocking fact is that the people under the age of 25 are the most unsatisfied people with their jobs. Only 35.7% of this age group is contented with their jobs. Also, she insists on the importance of guaranteeing job security, healthcare and retirement benefits, pay and safety in their work environments (Heathfield, 2012). Her opinion on Human resource management’s provision for these services and guarantees it is highly significant to ensure the stability of both profit and non profit organizations. The human resource personnel of organizations across the world should work hard to enhance the motivation and satisfaction of employees and responding to employee’s demands with immediate effect considering that employees play an important role to the success of the organization.

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