Beau Street Runners Ltd needs to fix the problem of customer service through teaching its runners the cognitive methods that would enhance their performance and repair the deteriorating image. The problem facing the Beau Street Runners Ltd involves the lack of customer satisfaction (Williams, 2003). The quality and the nature of their services are wonting in that the courier service company is losing its credibility on the customer base. As a matter of rather prevention of further damage to the image and attempt to take back on the loss of credibility.

As an intervention to fix the problem at hand, cognitive methods of training and performance improvement need to be employed in this situation. To the runners, teaching them on how to improve their quality of service would include service ethics and respect of customer wishes. Theoretically, the use of cognitivism theory and activity theory in teaching and making the runner improve their performance(Schunk, 2011). The development of quality service and ethical operation in the company builds the organization’s image while holding its competitiveness on the corporate society.

For BSR to succeed in fixing the customer satisfaction problem that it is in requires for the use of the cognitivism theory that would help the runners in delivering their services with ease and improved efficacy(Allan, 2006). The cognitivism theory is a learning theory that helps the runner in understanding his duties and developing ethical mentality while in the line of duty. The theory is responsible for working with the mind in aligning the mind to the tasks at hand. The theory further defines the mind as a computer where information goes in, gets processed and then delivers outcomes.

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The runners are responsible for delivering service to clients of BSR but lack the alignment of the mind towards the tasks they need to accomplish. In using this theory, a runner is required to embrace technology to a certain level and integrate it to the delivery of the services. Information processing and delivery of outcomes is associated with the ability if the brain to hold in that information. Gadgets like eReaders and information storage devices can assist runners with remembering what their call is. Keeping time is another issue that would affect the level of customer’s satisfaction and can be solved by integrating GPS, timers, and voice enabled eMaps (King, Wang, 2009).

Activity theory is another learning theory that can help fix BSR deteriorating image and service delivery. This theory focuses on the mental and physical wellness of the runner. In cases where there are underlying issues that prevent a runner from committing his/her time and efforts, the theory intervenes by defining ways through which a runner or a worker can improved his abilities of doing work (Marx, 2010). Guidelines on effectiveness are provided for the learner at hand with the nature of activities and challenges associated with them broken down for understanding. BRS can use this theory to its runners so that their level of competence and ability to solve problems as they occur can be achieved. Once the runner is made efficient, the quality of service is improved and customer satisfaction is achieved.

My reasoning on the use of the two theories, cognitivism and activity theory is because of the fact that customer satisfaction is achieved when services and delivery of items are reliable and trusted respectively. Abuse of work ethics is a factor that is exercised mostly in courier services because of the fact that runners make use of the opportunities they have with goods to steal and at times they lack sense of timing. With the intervention by the use of these two theories, respect for work and the customer’s needs is achievable hence driving the image of BSR from where it is currently t a better positioning.

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