Protective Respiratory Devices

They include the self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), the Supplied-air respirator (SAR) and the air-purifying respirator (APR).the SCBA is made up of a full face piece linked by a hose to the compressed air. It avails clean pressurized air from the cylinder and offers the highest degree of respiratory protection.  The SAR has a face piece linked to the source of air through an airline which is usually away from the contaminated area. They are lighter then the SCBS thus can be used for a longer time comparably. Ortmeier (2008) believes that they do not provide sufficient respiratory protection due to their limitation on the face seals. The APR has a face piece that is worn on top of the mouth and nose. It has a filter constituent which filters air before it is inhaled.

They work to protect the patient's sterile area from impurities that are produced the person who wears its. They are not capable to offer respiratory protection against vapors. Surgical masks are worn when treating patients who need droplet precautions.

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Protective clothing

Protective clothing is normally worn to protect against harmful chemicals thus a necessary barrier against further damage or infections. These protective clothing includes: chemical protective clothing, gloves and barrier gowns.

Chemical Protective clothing

The chemical protective clothing is made up of several layers of cloth made from different materials to ensure protection against a wide range of hazards. Total encapsulation ensured that the degree of protection is maximized. The chemical-protective clothing is complemented by a hat, boot covers, hoods and even gloves.

The barrier Gowns

The barrier gowns are meant to protect against harmful biological materials and also fluids since they are water proof. It is important to note that they are not very efficient in protecting against chemicals. The gloves are made of latex are worn on the hands and also protect against biological materials.

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