The Core 1994 is a category of music produced in the 1990s and stored by the prestigious New York based Dope Jams. It has a series of tracks released by a variety of artists. They give a unique style of music that is very interesting to all the listeners. There is a combination of the classic, techno and disco. These include both the secular and gospel lyrics. They are different from other songs because of the use of snare drums and flying hi- hats. Each of these features is not connected to the available grid structure. At the same time, these songs have sweet sounding melodies that seem to be generated from the variety of musical instruments like guitar, violin and piano. They are like jazz because they consist of many singers.

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These tracks tell us about the cultures of the people living around New York City. Given that this store only handles classical music, the listeners are able to ascertain such lifestyle during that time. The message from these jazz songs is quite educating and entertaining. The dancing style was so amusing. People had to flock into the night clubs to enjoy themselves. For instance, Erick Washington boldly passes his message when he says, "If you're asking me if I'm making money, I’m telling you that I’m flat broke. I am flat fucking broke…" (Rothlein, 2012).

Such a statement clearly helps us to understand the culture of these people. It means that they can only achieve whatever they want only if they have money. They think everyone should work so hard to get money because it is essentially everything. As Erick Washington says, it is everything that one needs in life. Hence, everyone should interpret it as a call for hard work.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the Dope Jams for initiating such a project. However, I would like to commend them to extend their collection to the modern songs. They are also important and can positively transform people’s lives, as well. 

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