System theory states that the international system is affected by state behavior. International systems force states to behave in a certain manner. Any change registered in the international system leads to change in state behavior.

State level theories are concerned with state characteristics. For instance, states are seen as either being democratic or aristocratic. In addition, state characteristics can lead to foreign policy behavior. The form of governance in a state influences its foreign policy. Studying international relations at the state level helps to understand the behavior of countries when dealing with other states.

State level theories do not address sovereignty of states directly. The theories state that a multi-level structure is composed by subnational and supranational actors.

System level criticisms state that the international system may not be affected by weak nations. Nations may not be forced to behave in a certain manner.

A realist would respond to Russet ideas by claiming that democracy leads to conflict of ideas. Every person can believe in their own ideas and values. Conflicting ideas and values always lead to conflicts.

 “End of history” is caused by western liberal democracy. Democracy has led to the end of numerous wars that affected the world. In addition, free market capitalism also signals the “end of history”.

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Fukuyama only recognizes American form of democracy as the best form of governance. The world should not follow American system of governance.

I agree with Fukuyama; the radical Islam does not allow democratic principles to thrive among their members of the society. Islam advocates for the strict adherence of religious laws. Democracy should not be based on strict adherence to religious laws. Every member of the society should have a freedom of action.

In the 21st century, it is impossible to have control over the enemies. The United States tried to have authority over its enemies, however, this has miserably failed. In the 21st century, war cannot be used in stabilizing countries that have a dictatorship form of governance.

Bureaucratic politics involves control of state affairs by certain individuals. Decisions cannot be made without permission from the aristocrats. In organizational process model, decision making is done according to organization’s structure and laws. In realism, common sense is used in making right decisions.

Arguments about religion always have some inconsistencies. It is difficult to explain whether religion contributes to the actions of human beings. Islam as a religion may not be the main reason that makes radical Islam behave the way they do. Religion can never advocate for killing of people who do not obey religious laws.

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