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Summary of Facts
1. The government has the authority to deport or detain immigrants that pose security threats to Australian citizens.
2. The court has powers to detain and deport aliens unless they have been naturalized

3. As long as the detention of immigrants does no violate the rights of the individuals, it should be carried out to determine the legality of immigrants in residing on territorial boundaries. The detention of immigrants is done due to the national interest.

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Relevant Law
1.  The Migration Act, 1958.
1. The minister has powers in detaining or deporting immigrants. The powers are contained in Pt 2 of the Migration act 1958. Much of Pt 2 talks about different kinds of visas and the conditions under which they can be given to the immigrants. In particular, Divisionss 9 to 12 talks about detention, removal, deportation and the offences with which unlawful noncitizens may be charged.
2. Visa will enable conduct my businesses as usual. Without Visa, I may not be allowed to continue with my education.
1.  The Australian securities are likely to detain and deport me if they find out that I do not have a valid Visa.
2. You can also consider giving me “protection Visa” Provision of “protection visa” in Australia, demand that individuals must be a noncitizen residing in Australia’s territorial boundaries.

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