It was another day in the FBI office for Alexander Williams. This was one of the many occasions that you would find him quiet but in deep thought of something troubling him. The story of the run-away prisoners from the local penitentiary the previous day was becoming a nightmare. Many people had confidence and trust in the ability that Alexander had. He exuded calm in all his operations. Sitting in the office on such a morning was not helping in the search for the escaped prisoners. “The escaped convicts are still human; they still are afraid and we still have a better chance to catch them than for them to get lost completely,” Alex said this while addressing a group of other agents assigned this task. The police were also in the search of led by Officer Brad Bruce. On a number of occasions, these two search units met in the process of looking for the escaped prisoners. There was bad blood created between Alexander Williams and Officer Brad Bruce in the allegations that Alexander was intruding Police’s territory.

The search for the escaped prisoners went on and many more police officers did not seem to get along with Alexander Williams. Officer Brad cautioned Alexander against interfering with their search efforts. Another officer under Brad, Steve Jones  was at loggerheads with Alexander and they were found in a heated debate on a Tuesday night in local club. Steve Jones was in the company of his friend, Mark Georges. The argument got into heated levels and Alexander was heard saying, “I don’t wanna have sex with you. Is it so hard to believe, Steve?” Steve was beside himself with grief. Anger flared up in his mind and he was ready for a fight with Alexander. However, Mark intervened and that never came to be. After things calmed down, Mark said to Alex, “If you still want to find the escaped prisoners, we got to work as a team, otherwise I will kill somebody.” The argument that started between two people ended up being a sight for all in the club that night.

The day ended and the search for the escaped prisoners was now taking another turn. There was a lot of mistrust, fears and confusion all over. The following day, Brad Bruce addressed his troop in parade, “We are all making a commitment and a spirited effort to search for these escaped prisoners. If anyone has a liability whether in our camp or not, we are going to eliminate them.” This sunk deeply into the minds of the officers as they nodded in response to Brad’s sentiments. The atmosphere was tensed and the task ahead was becoming heavy, considering the fact that the escaped prisoners were the most wanted gang in the country. All the same, it was the duty of these police officers and the FBI department to ensure that the escaped prisoners were turned in.

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The failure to catch up with the escaped prisoners on time was indeed a humiliating affair to the people involved in the search. Friday morning the same week was a sad day for the FBI department. Alexander Williams was found dead in his apartment. This was an adventure piling on the agony of letting the prisoners escape from the penitentiary. The issue was weighty on them. From the apparent look of this, it was not easy to identify the cause of Alexander’s death. When reports reached the public, some civilians got interested in the development of the story. One person named Mitch Morgan who was in the club where Steve accompanied by his friend Mark had an argument with Alex came to let the cat out of the bag. He revealed stories of what transpired that night. The focus was now shifting from the escaped prisoners to the murder case involving Alexander Williams.

On getting the news, the police boss, Brad Bruce summoned his officers. He was very hard on Mark Georges for the sentiments he made that night. “Georges, I am made to believe you know the cause of Agent Williams’ death. About two days ago, you said you will kill somebody and not long somebody gets killed. Does that mean anything to you?” Bruce scolded Georges. Mark Georges did the unthinkable to react back to the sentiments made by his boss. Georges replied, “I think accusing me of killing Alexander is not fair because you personally had malicious differences and quarrels with him.” Bruce was very much astounded; he said “Georges, how many times have I held you at gun point? You think I didn’t wanna pull that trigger?” Now the matter turned to another argument of two people but the case landed in court finally and witnesses from the police department were called upon. Brad Bruce, Steve Jones and Mark Georges were the main suspects in this case.

In response to the hearings at the court, the judge had this to say to the first suspect, Bruce; “Given your position and lack of prior criminal behaviour, I am inclined to give you probation. However, the fact that you have been discharging deadly weapons to your junior officers suggests malice to me. As a result, I find it incumbent that you get to see the inside of a prison cell, Mr. Bruce.” That was the final judgment on a case that many people and especially in the police department lacked enough evidence. This case was as difficult as the judgment of Paris. Alexander had many enemies, both known and unknown. How could such a case come to a quick conclusion of this nature? This was the main question that lingered in the minds of many people. Judging from the reactions of Brad Bruce, Steve Jones, Mark Georges and even the escaped prisoners, it still remained a great puzzle about who actually killed Alexander, the FBI agent. Such was the obscurity in the case that not many people would want to say much about the judgment.  

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