Some people may feel awkward whenever they meet somebody unexpectedly. There is always some interest in a person we see for the first time either for a good or bad reason. We always want to find out more about him or her. To some extent, it is more exciting when we encounter a stranger and he or she is ready to talk to us. However, my case was different. Meeting somebody in our neighborhood who could hardly talk was the last thing I expected. The person’s looks were even more frightening than his silence. He was a bald headed man with a freckled face.

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Every evening as I took a walk in our neighborhood, I saw him sitting somewhere along the road. He would not respond even after I had greeted him. It was becoming perplexing. I had never seen that person before and neither did I see him in the company of another person. He always dressed smartly and one would wonder what kind of a person he was and where he came from. Well, the apparent look on his face showed the image of a contented man and nothing seemed to bother him.

We are always afraid of strangers. For sure, this one would frighten everyone especially when there is no room to interact. In order to let go of any fears, it is very important to have a talk with the person. My stranger did not seem to be excited by anything and never felt content with anything. He exuded calm, confidence, and quietness wherever he sat. One day he left our neighborhood and I did not get a chance to find out where he came from and the reason for his visit. Strangers can behave strangely indeed. 

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