The greatest question that today’s marketers face is how to make their marketing more effective in the current age of stiff competition. As a marketer, you have to be informed of the current trends in marketing if your marketing campaigns are to be successful. Due to the ever changing environment such as advancement in technologies, marketers need to be more innovative and creative in order to take advantage of these changes. These changes, if analyzed critically, can be a source of success to any given organization by playing a crucial role in reducing promotion as well as marketing costs and further increasing the organization sales revenue.

DB 5 is regarded as the most beautiful car that Aston Martin has ever produced. This model shares many of its traits with the earlier model DB 4. However, this model has substantial changes in it bonnet in comparison to DB 4. The model has a 6 cylinder engine with an increased capacity of up to 4 liters. It also adopted the grilling disc brakes which had only been used earlier on the DB 4GT.

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Aston Martin has used current marketing trends in order to realize high revenues from the new model of DB 5. One of the marketing strategies that the Aston has used is placing the car in movies as a way of letting know the potential buyer of its existence. The company also has adopted e-marketing, for example, the use of social media as a channel of advertisement moving away from the traditional channels of advertisement. The model is promoted in social media through the creation of fan page, review blogs, and websites where one can order the car online.

 In conclusion, the Aston’s the secret of succeeding as a marketer in the current age of technological advancements is the embracement of modern marketing trends such as social media and movies among many other trends.

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