I am the writer whose goals and efforts are destined to giving my readers the best. I always consider what my readers want to know. My writing process is enhanced by the generation of ideas, their development and organization. This is achieved by setting the context professionally.

My first rule in writing is to expose myself to regular and meaningful opportunities that help me to practice writing in specific subject contexts. My struggle to achieve the best in writing allows me to look for opportunities to speak about writing. This rewards me with prior knowledge about my writing language, subject content as well as the contemporary world at large.

My effort has led to achievement of knowledge of different forms in writing and their characteristics. This gives me a chance to expand my sight of vocabularies for specific subject writing. These strategies have made me become an independent writer in any context.

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There are also some challenges that make me doubt my interest in writing at times. There is a lot of confusion that evolves from differences in writing requirements from various subjects. Most subjects need different types of assignment writing. This is due to the fact that all writing can not follow the same process.

I find it hard to adopt a consistent processing of writing across all areas in different subjects. This forces me to look for external help from teachers so as to ease some of the stress that is associated with writing. My confidence and great skills as a writer originated from these teachers. 

As an effective writer, I will cycle through all the writing stages I have listed above until I am satisfied that my writing achieves its purpose. 

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