In the decision making process, the first step is to identify the problem. In this case, Director Team at St. Francis Nursing Home has identified the problem which is the fact that the morale of the nurses is going down and also the resigning of nurses at an alarming late.

Secondly, the director team should find the cause of the problems and look for alternatives, as the nurses felt their duties were not fully understood and away were not provided to share their concerns about working environment.

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The possible alternatives include listening to nurses complaints, summoning all nursing staff to share their problems and allocate nurses nothing more than the duties which they are assigned. At this point, the directors should now evaluate and weigh the alternatives they generated to find the ones that are valid and filter out the ones that may not impact. The team should now make the decisions on which fits best and implement it. It should be discussed by the director team and the nurses and to see whether it will solve the differences. The leader should motivate nurses by appreciating those that heed to the things agreed on. The leader should also keep on summoning the nurses for regular meetings and have an open discussion on the matters affecting them. The leaders can motivate the staff differently by the way of carrying out their duties themselves, that is, the staff will tend to listen more to the leaders who set good examples.

There are various ways for empowering staff, for example, giving them fair remuneration, training and development programs, awarding them promotion, ensuring favorable working conditions, extending insurance covers in health prone occupations, offering recreation facilities. The staff should be given a considerable amount of authority in bid to make them feel free and ready to take responsibly on their own with less supervision (Kepner, 1965).

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