1] An affect is any factor that produces a change in somebody and how this changes affect us or the person in question.

2] Name six affects and describe them;

Despondency; being in a situation where you do not have hope

Humility; being a down to earth person who does not despise other no matter your class or achievements.

Sadness; the state of being unhappy and feeling low due to something 

Desire; man’s wish to do or acquire something  due to its quality or feature 

Cruelty; behavior causing misery to other people

Mercy; the art of forgiving those that have wronged you and deserve punishments

Pride; the feeling one gets when you acquire things that people desire to have  

Amongst the above the opposite affects are; cruelty to mercy ,self-esteem to humility ,despondency to pride .  The related affects are despondency and sadness. Spinoza describes the differences of these affects according to how differently they affect ones lives. Affects enter into combination according to how one affect influence the other Example love and joy.

3] Humans for Spinoza are different in that they vary in their mode of thinking , their choices differ from one person to another , also one weakness is another persons strength. They are affected differently by one factor at different times.  The word good show that something is alright while the word bad show that the described item consist of some mistakes. The words good and bad are used in references to the degree of niceness of a thing.  We can not all be right as most of us do what we term to be right to ourselves but to others that choice is wrong , we also differ in choices and interests so we cant all be right. Yes some ideas that do not meet our expectation annoy us while those that do make us to feel happy. The success of others only annoys us if we are in the same class and group with the achiever yet as for us we have not achieved. Nature is the origin of good and bad, but we people determine whether something will be good or bad.

 4] Because one is able to undertake a certain activity and to him this is a great achievement and he /she it determined to let everyone recognize his work. My awareness of power of defective power make me to feel sad because I have not met my expectation and get to be disturbed by the fact that another person can do it .Example when a students fails in a subject like mathematics for maybe two consecutive terms he/she looses the interest to continue trying and leaves it to those others who pass.       

 5] Joy is the state of feeling satisfied with something , while sadness is the state of being unhappy and feeling low due to a past events and the outcome cropping up after it.

Desire is man’s wish to do something or acquire something due to its feature or quality. 

Perfection is the state of thinking and ensuring that something is done perfectly. According to Spinoza joy and perfection are different in that joy is the feeling while perfection is the thoughts that trigger the mind that in turn trigger the feeling.

6]In references to Spinoza writings, love is a feeling of something satisfying ones desires by how it looks or by simply its  outside construction. The main wrong thing with love is that one gets to be obsessed with the other person to the extent of seeing all what he /she do is right even when they are wrong.

7]Education effect our own attitude towards our actions by making us to respect and find the other person who are more educated or have acquired education in a different field than that of yours to be  more important than us. The respected fellow faces no competition except from those with equal ability as him ,the rest just watch and do nothing to match up to his class make  achievement like them. Hence even if we get the wish to be like a certain person , there is a hindrances towards this due to our differences in our specialization.

8]Self-love is the feeling of being contented and glad with ones abilities and achievements. There is no opposite of this affect. Because no one lower his dignity unless one gets in to a situation where he /she is unable to achieve what he thought he could, this leads to questioning his capabilities and as a result he ends up hating himself and believing that that certain task he has not managed to tackle is beyond his capabilities and he can never manage to do it .This remains to be so for as long as this belief is in ones mind. The adherent does not even bother to attempt this task any other time. At other times this person tends to see like everyone else knows and sees that he is a non –performer which is not the case as no body dismisses him. When one does the above he /she is actually thinking very less of himself.

Pride is the feeling one gets when you own something people desire to have  .this feeling is much than the self –love.Its opposite is despondency.

9]Bondage is the state of being enclosed under a certain factor that brings about change in ones life and being unable to make the state you are in to be less severe. An effect can be mind removed by not degrading oneself when we fail and not putting so much to consideration what people will say if we happen to try out a new thing and fail to be as successful as the experts . 

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