My Source of Joy

There are times in life when one is happy or sad. There are those factors that contribute to this state of events. For example, when loosing a job one tends to be sad. Joy is an important thing in one’s life. We all seek joy from different things. My greatest source of joy in life is to do something that has a positive impact on life. When I contribute to restoration of hope in life of a friend, I find joy in that activity. Taking part in a community service where I make an impact on the environment around me is a fulfilling event that makes me happy. Joy can only be achieved in life by involving yourself in activities that you love doing. My joy comes from what makes others happy.

Leisure Time

There giving free time , there are many things that one can do. You may engage yourself in those activities that make a positive contribution to someone else’s life. Majority of young people tend to do things that have a negative impact on their life. They tend to go for parties where they end being influenced to abusing drugs. It is, therefore, important for a young person to plan how to use his/her free time in a constructive way. I usually use my free time in a different way from what majority of young people do. I usually take part in sporting activities, community service activities such as planting trees. It is not an easy thing to spend free time in a constructive way, due to peer influence. However, you can always stand out and I have managed to make a difference from what majority spend their time.

Chapter 23

World Champion

Becoming a world champion is a great achievement in life. Your earn respect and recognition all over the world. To make such a big achievement, one has to invest heavily in what he/she is doing. James, my brother, emerged as a world champion in 5000m race. It was one of the greatest achievements he ever made in his athletic career. He was a talented athlete. Despite being talented, he invested heavily in development of his talent. His efforts paid a tribute after winning gold medal in 5000m race. We joined him in celebrating his achievement and the fame brought to our country. James achievement inspired him to win more medals.

Price Water Coopers

Working in a good environment is a dream of every person. Working in a company, where your efforts, are recognized is an important thing. A company that provides environment that is conducive for personal career development is vital. Price Water Cooper, an international auditing firm, is the company of my dream. I dream working in this corporation. The company treats its employees well. It also has a good reward system. It is an achievement to work in this corporation as it is one of the most famous auditing firm in the world. Career in this firm provides one with an opportunity to be an expert in the area of auditing. Thus, it provides a good training ground for me to be an expert in the area of auditing which has always been my dream.

Chapter 24


Telling lies is something common among people. Though, it is costly to tell a lie when one is forced to lie. In some circumstances, one is forced to reason that telling lies is right. I was once in a situation that I had to lie in order to solve the problem that was at hand. I reason that telling lies is not bad and wrong as it is going to help me solve my problems. Later the person I had lied to realized that I had lied to him. It was costly to earn his trust again. Lies sometimes help us to get what we want but in the long run it is painful. One has to pay for his lies in one point in time. Telling lies makes one a slave by truth set one free.

Bearing the Blame for my Mistakes

We make mistakes in life. Mistakes are very expensive to bear. Sometimes we make mistakes that get our friends in problems. One day I had been assigned a certain job by my boss. The assignment was urgently needed by the board of directors. I was supposed to compile a document that was to be used by the directors to make a certain important decision concerning the company. Something happened and I failed to finish the assignment on time. This was costly to my boss who lost his job. It was hard for me to bear the blame for the mistake I had done. Still I am very sorry for the mistake I made that led to my boss loosing his job.

Chapter 25

 A Coward

Many people are cowards in one way or another. People don’t like taking up demanding tasks. They tend to fear failure. Some cowardice is uncalled for and hinders one progress in life. James is one of the many cowards that I have come across. He has lost many business opportunities due to his cowardice nature. As a business man, he is a coward of investing in new ventures. He always sees his efforts failing. His nature has affected the growth of his business to some extent that it has stagnated. I have learned from James cowardice behavior, which being a coward sometimes can negatively impact one’s life.


Time management is an important aspect in life. In order to succeed in life, you have to be a good time manager. A lot of successful people worldwide are very good in managing their time. Time is an important resource and once lost it can not be recovered. Punctuality is more important in some areas of life. When attending business meetings, participants should be punctual. Failure to observe punctuality means loss of opportunities. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that punctuality is observed. Punctuality helps a business to take advantage of opportunities that are available, in terms of contracts. Punctuality should be observed in those areas that determine success or failure of our lives.

Chapter 26

Life in the Desert

Living in the desert is an adventure worth trying. Life in the desert is not that easy. There are so many hardships in the desert. Desert is characterized by harsh weather conditions such as too much heat during the day and cold nights. In order to survive in the desert, one has to ensure that he/she has enough water with him. This is because in the desert, it is very rare to get water sources. It is also important to carry light clothes. It is usually hot in the desert, thus, there is a need to wear light clothes. Life in the desert is not easy, but it is worthy trying despite its hardship. There is a need for one going out in the desert for some days to be well equipped for his/her survival in the harsh conditions of the desert.

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Moving Toward my Dreams

We all have dreams in life. We always work hard toward achievement of our dreams. Environment around us sometime forces us to wait for long periods before we achieve them. My dream has always been to run a successful business empire. Financial hardships have forced me first to work with a certain company. Though my job is well paid, I always target to live to my dreams. If a win a lottery, I would resign from my job and pursue my career dreams. The lottery would provide me with enough money to start up my own business. Resigning from my career is worth as I have focused my efforts towards my dreams. My dreams are more important than my current job, thus, getting away to start a business, I can immediately resign from my job.

Chapter 27

Investments I Have Made

Some investments have high returns. We have to make risky sacrifices in order to reap the fruits of our investments. Patience is needed to posses in order to successfully achieve our investment goals. Four years ago I planted 1000 wildflowers seeds. I was not expecting much from what I had done. I watered the seeds every day. I was surprised one day when two men arrived at home. They were looking for wildflowers. I sold my flowers to them at $10000. I actually benefitted from my small investment in a great way.

Protecting Children

Children are an important asset that parents possess. It is a duty of every parent to shield his/her children from those things that my harm their lives. Children should be shielded from drugs, because they have negative effects on their lives. Parents should ensure that friends that their children have do not involve them in taking drugs. Children should also be shielded from the cultural activities that have negative influence upon their health such as female genital mutilation. Children should also be protected from engaging themselves in crime. Criminal activities impact the relationships between them and other members of the society in a negative way. Children should be shielded by their parents from burying. Burying affects their psychological development in a negative way. This makes a child psychologically unstable.

Chapter 28

Essential Things in a Trip

Going out for a trip is an interesting adventure. In order to make trip a more interesting and enjoyable adventure, one has to be prepared. There are three essentials things that I always pack when going out for a trip. Camera, diary and a good book are the things that I pack when going for a trip. Camera helps me to record the events of the trip through taking photographs. Diary helps in recording the contacts of the new friends that I meet during the trip. A book helps in passing time during the trip. The tree items are the most important items that I believe are essential for my trip. Therefore, I have to ensure that I pack them on time.

My Graduation Day

Some memories bring our good moments in life. Others bring bad memories of our lives. We all have good moments in our lives. When we remember these moments we swell with pride. One of the greatest moments of my life was my graduation day. I emerged to be the best student in my class. I never thought I could ever achieve excellent performance in my studies. In addition to my good performance, I gave a speech that was fresh in the minds of many. This day contributed greatly to what I have today. I always swell my graduation day with pride for it has helped me to attain in life.

Chapter 29

Poor Governance

The issue of what good governance entails is an issue that I have largely debated in my home country. Governance determines the levels of development in any given country. Poor governance leads to high poverty level in the country. My country is crippled with issues of poor governance. Misuse of public funds is a common thing in my home country. People always discuss ways of restoring trust in public institutions. The debate of good governance has attracted contributions from different scholars. When travelling throughout the country, you will find people debating on the issue. This debate is a clear indication that people are tired of poor governance. With the help of debating, one day people will get the best way of improving governance issues in the country.

The Glorious Day

There are moments we always long for. These moments mean a lot in our lives. They signify achievements in our lives. When celebrating the studies completion, I eagerly wait for my moment of glory. This moment is when I will be awarded with a degree. This moment will signify a start of a new life that will be free from stresses of assignments. At this moment of glory, I will be celebrating the fruits of my hard work. I long for this day when I will be awarded with a degree. This day will be a glorious day in my life.

Chapter 30

Public Image

Public image determines success of any individual. Everyone is always concerned about his or her image. A good public image means trust. When people trust you, there are high chances of getting profitable opportunities in life. In some careers, public image is more important.  Business professionalism is one of the areas where public image is vital. Good public image means good performance of the business. Customers have confidence in company’s products. This translates to high sales turnovers. Therefore, the image is an important aspect to business professionals.


Antonio is one of the characters in William Shakespeare’s novel, Merchant of Venice.’ He is one of the main characters in this play. He is one the richest characters in the play. He is a wealthy business man. He is a humble man. He is also a very kind man. He is always ready to use his wealth to help his friend who is in trouble. He uses his wealth to help his friend Basannio. In the play, they are always in dispute with a certain wealthy man. Antonio is truly a great character in the play.

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