It is never too early or too late to introduce children to books. The sooner the children are introduced to books, the better since books boost the children’s imagination and help them to understand their vocabulary. An introduction to books is extremely vital for a child’s social and academic life. Bearing these in mind it is necessary to consider the books a child reads. Parents should choose books that are seemingly attractive to children sometimes with cartoon artisan, which most children love, and those with moral lessons too. Developing a long life interest in books, in a child’s life, begins with guidance by parents or guardians. It works even better when a parent reads to the child a bed time storybook before the child goes to bed.
Parents who want their children to benefit fully from books, they consider the entertaining aspects of books. Children’s books are entertaining, and this serves as stimulation of children’s interest in books. Since children like having fun, introducing them to funny books is a vital consideration in their live. In fact, this may reduce their play and make them more aggressive (Chambers 109). People who were introduced to books during childhood develop a distinctive interest and they sometimes nurture their talents in writing literary books. Introducing children to books also serves as a means of helping the children interact with their surrounding appropriately. This is because, some books with thematic concerns like the natural environment, appeals to children’s perception of the natural environment surrounding them.
Books also teach children basic moral values such as honesty, kindness and faithfulness. This means that children who are introduced to books at an early age copy and learn the moral values stipulated by the stories in the books. Books also help to develop the child’s elementary skills such as reading and writing. Children who were introduced to books at an early age are likely to fare well even in their academics. This is functionally necessary since the success of children in education increases their life chances. Therefore, a bright future is a high likelihood when children are introduced to books, considering the adage “A journey of thousand miles begins with one step.” Therefore, the success towards the future of children lies in the way the children perceive books, and how effective these efforts are. Therefore, it is extremely beneficial to introduce children to books considering that all parents have ambitious dreams for the future of their children.
Introducing children to books also serves a vital function of bridging the gap between home and school. This is because home should represent warmth, toys, security, holding hands and being healthy. The books communicate a message that the school is a second home. Therefore, the values at school are the same with the values at home. For this reason, children develop some sense of confidence in the new school environment (Chance 17). Introduction of children to books, therefore, makes them adapt so fast to the school environment. The children also become confident, and they do not feel inferior when other peers are talking about a book they read or a bedtime story their parents read for them.
My opinion about the importance of introducing children to books is similar to the opinion of Eric Carle, a children’s author. Eric Carle is a prominent author who uses colorful illustrations and straightforward story lines. His books involve small animals, and they appeal to babies and pre scholars. Eric uses his books as a source of entertainment to children. When children read these books, they serve a pivotal role in a child’s life. The literal woks of Eric are fun to be read by children, and they use art to articulate his message about the nature into the children’s sense of perception of the surrounding. The styles used by are Eric make his work distinctive and recognizable. He uses hand painted paper cut to form colorful images. Many of Eric’s books have twinkled pages or die cut pages. Due to these designs, his works are so attractive to children.
Thematic concerns of Eric’s work come from the extensive knowledge that he has about nature. Considering that most children have an in nature, the works of Eric serve the purpose of entertaining and informing the children about nature. Beatrix Porter is another writer whose opinions about the importance of books in a child’s life, share a lot of similarities with my opinion. She uses a funny and heartwarming narrative style, which is funny and so entertaining to child. The funny aspect of her works is similar to my opinion about the importance of introducing books to a child. It develops a child’s sense of humor and helps the child fit accordingly in the society as a person who appreciates fun and humor (Beal 104).
From the foregoing, it is so vivid and clear that the introduction of books is so vital to a child’s life. The effects that come along with the introduction of books to children at the right time are admirable. Every parent would wish to see their sons and daughters performing well in academics. The secret lies behind introducing basic and relevant books to children at the most appropriate time in their lives. Authors should continue investing their talents by creating books with clear language but full of moral and elementary lessons. In this case, children will grow wholesomely with the values stipulated in the books they often read. Moral values that the society insists that all children should be taught are the core factor that should inspire the writing of these books.

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