The inaugural speech of Barack Obama marked the beginning of the president’s era in the United States and the challenges, which were accepted by the new president and the nation. The speech was filled with a continued spirit of success and prosperity in various aspects. The president does not repeat the same words but puts an emphasis on different aspects to make the audience directly related to them. The main points highlighted by the president Obama will be discussed in this work. These are the common things that he talks about in his speech, reminding the audience of the importance to handle each of them in the American spirit.

Mentioning the war, Obama acknowledges the soldiers, who are serving to the nation and fighting to ensure that the nation’s borders are protected. He thanks the fallen soldiers for being courageous enough and having strength of mind, which is the spirit of service. Health care has been highlighted by the president as a very expensive sector in the United States. The president shows a great concern in this problem and emphasizes the need to make health care affordable to the people of America.

The inaugural speech was written at the time of economic crunch, and this fact was highlighted by Obama. He called the economic situation of the United States one of his major concerns. The president expressed fear that unsettled economic problems could bring America down, despite all the achievements. He stated that the American nation was the most prosperous in the world at that moment. In addition, Obama stated the importance of putting aside selfish motives for the good of the whole nation. By the way, the president pointed out a very important factor in ensuring that the economic problems were well solved. Energy was another point that the president emphasized in his speech. He acknowledged that the sources of energy used by the nation have plunged it into war with other nations. He further addresses the nations that are adamant in use of nuclear energy and points out that America will use diplomatic means to make them stop using this source of energy as it was and still is harmful to people.

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The president also includes the aspects of freedom and equality, which are the main constituents of the American dream. In his speech he says that his government will be adamant in ensuring that these qualities are retained in the American spirit. Through the speech, Obama refers to the ideals of President Lincoln, which are the following: national unity, renewal and continuity. He refers to the citation from 1 Corinthians 13:1: “When I was young I talked like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me”. By these words Obama points out that there are further problems that face America, and it is important for the nation to rise above its capacity to tackle these problems.

Obama acknowledges that there is a huge scope of issues that America needs work on. He addresses those, who doubt his government’s ambitions and statements that America has capacity and will. Obama also addresses the leaders of foreign nations, who have clenched on power and poor governance and on the nations that are struggling with poverty among others.

It should be noticed, that Obama has used a wide imagery in his speech. It helped him not only to address the challenges that America faced, both at home and abroad, but also to share sacrifices as well as a renewed sense of responsibility with the audience.

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