In the current system of governance, that is the basis of the laws, the human life is not quantified in terms of money. Reason for this is that human life is sanctified to avert converting other commodities that are consumed it should be left as such. The question comes in the excess of what we need. If, by giving an organ, I will remain sound in health and save someone else; doesn’t that count as a good deed? The barricade between what is acceptable narrow with time, and it is quite sensitive, since it can be manipulated to suit people’s unscrupulous business needs among others.

Sale is an acceptable exchange of something to cater for ones needs for monetary or other valid means of compensation. If we would want no regulation in the sale of human parts, then why do we put restriction in other commodities in the world? Isn’t the human life at the top of the chain? What does selling a human part imply; is it a commodity like any other? Religions, Christianity and Islam for example, put dignity in the will of the dead and do so even in the means of burring them, which takes place in prescribed methods in the religious beliefs.

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If in life we can respect the will of the dead (our relatives, for example) in terms of their will, it means that we have to respect and dignify them to the point of proper burial or cremation depending on religion and beliefs. If there was no respect or dignity, then we would confiscate or leave them like carcasses of other animals. If we restrict, the sale of other commodity in world that does not have life, then to maintain human life as the most precious item, its price should not be quantified and sale should be banned at all cost. If respect and dignity for humans exist, sale of any of their parts in death or life is utter sabotage and is demining to the place we hold in the world.

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