This essay will outline the history of Jacques Torres, his growth, and what he achieved in life. It will also show his way of life in relation to the kind of life surrounding him. Jacques Torres "Mr, Chocolate" hit the market and succeeds even when the times looked so dark.

Jacques Torres is a famous Chef with a French origin but leading his life in the USA. Jacques Torres was brought up in southern Provence in Bundol which is a small town in France.  He has hit the chocolate market as one of the best in the baking industry. Jacques Torres started building his career at the age of 15 when he gave it a try in pastry shop in his area. He pursued the cause with passion no matter the background he was brought up in. After two years he finished his apprenticeship which was required of him and graduated in position one. Jacques Torres continued practice in his village waiting for the military recruitment time (chef2chef, 2010).

In 1980 with a friend he gained courage to confront Jacques maximin a chef at Michelin two Star in Hotel Negresco who gave him a job immediately. This was the beginning of the life changing point to Jacques Torres. This was an opener to tour the world industry in baking art. While in the hotel he cultivated his skilled and gained experience in the job. While he was not working he did a degree of Master Pastry Chef in the years 1980-1983. During this period he was also preparing for a completion in Meilleur Ouvrier de France earning himself a prestigious medal in M.O .F and he was the youngest chef to get a distinction in the field. This award was a start of many culinary awards and achievements he gained together with the French championship of desserts and the Japanese Pastry chef association gold medal he won in 1986 (chef2chef, 2010).

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In 1988 Jacques Torres was hired by the Ritz cariton Hotel Company as a corporate chef and relocated to Palm Springs in the United States. This was another opportunity for Jacques Torres to explore the world and meet dignitaries. After some time he relocated to the corporate headquarters in Atlanta (Jacques, 2009).

The following year, Jacques Torres moved to New York to work with Le cirque one of the best known Restaurants in the Yew York city. This is the place Jack Torres gained his popularity a he had an opportunity to serve the presidents and the most prominent people in the community with many celebrities being his customers. In the restaurant he earned many awards, participated in many events including judging in competitions. He did a lot in product development and achieved many awards, honours and popularity as he hosted many presidents including United States President, Ronald Reagan (Walker, n.d.).

The new millennium opened up Torres's look at the market. In the last month of 2000, Jacques Torres started his own and unique chocolate factory. This was a big gain in life for it broke the usual monotony in the chocolate usual recipes. The chocolate without preservatives and artificial favours was a dip touch to creativity. This state-of-the-art natural recipe has raised Jacques Torres's   dominance in the art of chocolate making. Jacques Torres apart from involving himself in his chocolate making and selling business, has also been involving himself in the charitable organizations.  He has also been involved in consultancy in the field of pastry. He has helped in designing the health-conscious recipes using his special French techniques (chef2chef, 2010).

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