Kabbalah, another synonym for Jewish mysticism is believed to an ancient form of wisdom and tools that enhanced and propagated a person's growth as well as fulfilling life. Jewish mysticism may be defined as an esoteric system of interpreting scriptures. It is based on the belief that every single word, letter, number or even accent contains mysteries interpretable only by those who knew the secret. Kabbalah is most significant to the Jews and is usually occasionally celebrated. But the big question still remains: is Kabbalah a spiritual or religious movement? With the sole intention of providing a substantial answer to this and many more other questions, this paper will explore amicably the so called Jewish mysticism - Kabbalah (Kabbalah - Jewish Mysticism, 2010, 1).

Man contemplates the tribulations of his origins, his vocation, his contentment, as well as his suffering. These questions usually arise out of religion, in addition to inside non mystical forms of spiritual life; the existence or absence of sacred institutions or doctrine is of diminutive importance when it comes to these questions. They were all devised inside non mystical Judaism and provided as the source and framework for the setting and answers of problems in the diverse forms of Jewish mysticism. This mysticism, particularly in its Kabbalistic form, brought about insightful transformations in the perception of the world, God and last things such as "resurrection, last judgment, messianic kingdom" as outlined in the biblical and rabbinical Judaism (Kazlev, 1998, 2).

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There exist three types of mysticism which are distinguished in the history of Judaism. These are the ecstatic, the contemplative, and the esoteric also known Agus. Despite the fact that they are distinct types, in practice there are recurrent overlapping and blend between them. The first kind is exemplified by the dire need seek for God or, more specifically, for access to a mystical realm, which is still considerably remote from the unattainable deity. The subsequent tag along the way of metaphysical contemplation hard-pressed to the limit, constantly bearing in its formulations the indentation of the intellectual surroundings of the relevant thinkers, who are bare to manipulation from outside Judaism; consequently The third type of mysticism alleges a mysterious comprehension - hereafter called esoterism - that searches the celestial life itself and its affiliation to the divine level of being, an association that is a matter to the decree of correspondences (Kabbalah - Jewish Mysticism, 2010, 4-6)..

However according to Abelson (1913), Jewish mysticism's possess set of problems concerning the origins of the world and of man, of wickedness and sin, of the significance of history, of the life after death and the end of time. All these are rooted in the very position of Judaism and cannot be envisaged outside of an exegesis of exposed Scripture and rabbinical custom. The Kabbalah, the mystical subsidiary of Judaism have thoroughly addressed the environment of human perception and our relation to the divine. Jewish mystics have extensively educated that the deficiency in a sense of rationale or track is a definite sign that we have in one way or another lost our way and need direction to retain information on our personal tikkun - sphere of redemption - for our current existence (Abelson, 1913, 1).

I have established that the Kabbalistic prominence on tale telling and on guiding the Higher Will,  to be reasonably efficient in helping people to discover their trail to divine purpose. For many years now, Jewish mystics have cherished the correct use of imagination as an extremely dominant force that can steer us throughout the vicissitudes of life. In particular, the Kabbalah offers the Jews with a complete support for placing a person's troubles or challenges in a broader divine perception.

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