Jersey Boys in Chicago is one of the famous music groups in America. Everyone wish to attend their show and it is a big pleasure to have a chance to attend their show.

Music Concert Report Essay Sample

Jersey Boys is one of the amazing group I have ever attended their show in America. Their setting, from the lighting of the stage to sound production was well made. In one show I attended, there was a use of digital billboards that illustrated comic images of different scenes and it made the show more interesting.

A great number of people attend the show; sometimes there might be a stampede that is always dangerous and risky. Someone can easily get killed. The crowd being too large it makes it difficult to have a good look at the musician’s themselves. One has to struggle so much to get the tickets since they are normally sold out. Although they are quite expensive, no one wants to miss it as their shows are always exciting.

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Music Concert Report Essay Summary

They make the crowd go mad. Their cast is superb, it is always the best. Their music is exhilarating, relatable and their lyrics are easy to memorize. Most people know quite a number of them and that is one thing that makes it as interesting as people sing along with them. The show was the talk of the town the following day. You couldn’t avoid missing because you could feel completely left out. Once one attends their show you would not wish to miss any of their shows that come your way. The show is enjoyed by both men and women. Unlike most of the shows which are enjoyed by only one gender the Jersey Boys shows is enjoyed by everyone.

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