The Beatles were a rock band that formed in Liverpool in1960. They exhibited considerable commercial success and left a mark in popular music. Their two greatest albums were ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ and "Help". The creation of these two albums came as a result of various factors; some of the factors were common for both albums while some quite different..

‘A Hard Day’s Night’ was released on 10 July 1964. ‘Help’ was first released on 16th August 1965. ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ was created during the time of the worldwide flush of beetle mania. It was an idea of united artists. They wanted to ship out a movie with this successful rock band. Therefore, the film was created. The director, Richard Chester, made things work out pretty fast. In a span of three months, the picture was already in the theatre. Therefore, the wish of united artists to ship out a movie with The Beatles was the main factor that affected its creation (Glynn 25). In an interview, John Lennon also said that he wrote ‘Help’ because he had been commissioned to write the song for the movie. However, these are vague reasons for such creativity in the films. There were other reasons that influenced the creation.

The creation of the song ‘Help’ mainly comes from the life experiences of John Lennon. He was suffering from insecurity. This was due to his fatness. This is part of the lyrics of the song, ‘He is fat’. This was discovered through the confession of Lennon during interviews. He says that he was crying out for help. He was not sure if he was in the right shape. This caused him to lose self confidence. Therefore, his personal experience acted as a guideline in writing of the song. ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ did not show the same case. The creation of this film came from the industry pressure. The vogue of united artists was almost over. Therefore, they pressured The Beatles into creating the film. This took place in the shortest time possible.

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‘A Hard Day’s Night’ was also impacted by the desire of the band to entertain their fans. This is why a lot of humor is used in the film. For example, humor is seen when Paul Mcartney tries to keep his grandfather from getting into mischief. It was also humorous for Ringo’s declaration of independence to land him in jail. These and other instances exhibited humor that always entertained the crowds watching. For ‘Help’, entertainment was an issue but yet, not a priority. It was impacted by the desire of the group to maintain a culture in popular music. This is whereby rock songs deal with the daily occurrences in the life of human beings (Aldgate, 109). It mainly focuses on the negative sides like the oppressions suffered daily. They also came up with a tune that showed an original Rock hit. They did this since they were still establishing themselves in the industry. They wanted to be unique, as well as maintain the pre-existing culture of rock music. This was fundamental in their career.


From the essay above, it is clear that there were underlying factors, which influenced the creation of Beatle’s two albums. Some of these factors included pressure from the industry, as well as personal experiences. This shows that whenever a successful band releases a heat, there are influences that impact such brilliance and creativity. Some factors can result in an increased creativity of the films. However, some of the factors which are associated with pressure may deprive the artists of composure. This can function to reduce creativity and lead to poor performance. This was seen with the two albums.

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