a) Respect The key goal of both the public and private school is education. In order for teachers to teach and students to learn, a favorable environment for learning must be observed. In the classroom students need to observe standard behaviors. There are three main standards of behaviors namely:

b) Self-discipline

c) Responsibility


It involves the acknowledgement that the individuals you are interacting with is a human being with thoughts, feelings and any other life changing issues such as death, divorce among others. Therefore, giving respect to a person is the same as valuing them, their thoughts and feelings. It consists of listening to them, idiosyncrasies, acknowledging them, accepting their personality and being truthful to them.

As a student, it is imperative to learn that having respect for authority and fellow students is an important value. This will help one traverse life without have to snafus with anyone or simply the law.

A primary means of accomplishing this task is through modeling respect to other people. Some of a few examples are:

- Using words like ‘thank you’ or ‘please or excuse’ to those around you like the teachers in the classroom or any other elderly person when she or he calls.

-  Discussing divergent ideologies with your fellow students in a manner that does not bash them personally.

-  Not behaving negatively to someone in authority when being treated unfairly.

Showing respect as a student is important since it helps you to appreciate and show love, an elementary part of becoming a happy and successful person in life.



  • A process by which people learn and demonstrate appropriate and expected behaviors.
  • A structured and orderly environment.

Self-discipline, especially in a school setting, is a joint venture that is achieved when students, teachers, parents, administrators and any other stakeholders in education respect the rights of others.

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Importance of self-discipline

One of the major traits of self-discipline is when individuals forgo their immediate and instant pleasures and gratification, in favor of other important gain or more fulfilling results, even if it involves the use of time and efforts. It is a virtue that gives an individual power to maintain his or her decisions and follow them through without compromising or changing mind.

Having self-discipline enables one to choose thoughts and behaviors that lead to success or improvement. It provides the inner strength and power to overcome procrastinations, laziness and addictions and to follow through whatever you do.

Self-discipline does not mean limited and severe behavior or simply a restrictive lifestyle as commonly believed by many. It is a vital constituent of any form of success.

Self-discipline leads to inner strength, self-confidence and self esteem that consequently satisfaction and happiness in life.



  • It is being able to take care of your duties.
  • It means being able to be answerable to your actions.
  • It involves trustworthiness and accountability.

Examples of responsibility to students are:

  • Keeping a promise
  • Returning library books in the required time
  • Completing your duties at home without being reminded
  • Calling your parents in case you are late and coming home on time
  • Taking good care of your property at school
  • Doing school assignment in time and completing them to the best of your ability.

Importance of being responsible

  • Accepting and understanding consequences for you actions and being in a position to rectify mistakes
  • Completing assignments and duties in time
  • Doing the right thing and correcting mistakes
  • Being able to clean up oneself
  • Understand the effect they have on others.

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