The extract shows the narrator’s love for other young women especially the beautiful and remote Helene Lagonelle. The young woman is a 17 year old beautiful young lady who helps readers to understand the other side of the narrator. The extract portrays the narrator’s generosity for those she loves in the context that the love between she and Helene eclipses all the other loves she had experienced as she developed into a woman.

The love she feels for the young woman even surpasses the love she has for her younger brother. Even though others may argue that she was only interested in the girl because of the gnawing, aching and the need to fulfill her impossible love of desire, she still had a deeper feeling of likeness generosity that is why she would allow her to be with the man who makes love to her. Her generosity emanates in the sense that she would allow Helene to make love to her man just the way they always do so that she could also experience the pleasure of being with a lover. The extract focuses on an image that is central to the narrator’s identity, since she is able to accept that other women are more beautiful than she is.

She is even generous enough to lend a shoulder to Helene. Her generosity and kindness fastened the bond between them to the extent that Helene felt lonely that she was going away. Her generosity is complicated because she wants to be by Helene every day and night. She feels bad that she has to leave Helene all alone with the pain of loosing a friend.

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