The baby boomers are already showing signs of negativity in the coming economic times. To start with, the cost of maintaining their health is a matter of concern. Their medical expenses are reported to be twice as expensive as that of the younger generation. Most of them have a higher rate of chronic medication diseases that requires extra spending. This will affect the economy since most of them at their retirement since most of them have less or no savings and largely depend on the working population. There will be increases expenses on the social and retirement benefits when they retire. The later will be a risen cost of health coverage that will subject the other patients and their relations to dig deep into their pockets. Another matter of concern is the health coverage costs that will shoot up due to the increased numbers of the affected and infected. This change is able to initiate inflation in the country. The generation spends a lot on medication fearing the worst in their lifetime. Furthermore, more professionals are ought to be trained and deployed to work to cater for the increasing poor health of the generation. They are willing to pay for high health needs not knowing that they are making their availability to the younger generation obsolete.

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This will strain the economy making the quality of the healthcare systems to be unconstructively affected.  Some health benefits could be relocated to cater for the generation leaving the others with no option but to oblige to the new considerations. The persistent in the medication trends and the priority that they get from the healthcare industry is denying other the chances of access to the healthcare. 

Despite the negative influences by the generation, their existence promotes the healthcare technological innovations. The challenges that they put across the system encourage innovations to better the healthcare both technologically and health wise.

It’s more important to note that the continued straining for the healthcare resources will advocate for more medical practitioners. As a healthcare professional, there is a possibility of the flooding of the human labor in the market. This, in the long run could make the earnings to be greatly reduced to cater for the number, improvement of the medical infrastructure and some for the medication of the boom generation. The end result will be that many will be working in high job positions but unable to meet their financial requirements.

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