The intellectual property protection that Lauren has been relying upon for protection for the last thirty years is trademark.

The cause of action that would give Lauren a the best chance of success against Westchester  is  properly marketing itself. Lauren should also make a clear distinction between its products and those of Westchester. This will help reduce the dilution of their trademark name. If not, they should apply for protection by law from dilution of their name.

It is not likely that Westchester have violated any intellectual property rights against Lauren. This is for the fact that the two companies have different products and their names are not exactly the same.

The best trademark name that Lola Zerhold can use is Zerhold Xylophones. This is because it includes the company's name as the company cannot trademark the name of a town or the name best.

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The microbiologist would apply for a utility patent. This would make him or her the sole owner of the bacterium. Other people cannot use this formula to regenerate the bacterium or use it for other purposes as the intention of the microbiologist is to use it against oil spills.

The Rural Telephone Services should bring its law suit against Feist under the copyright law.

The Rural Telephone Services is most likely to prevail against Feist in the court of law. This is because the telephone directory created by the Rural Telephone Services was their intellectual property and Feist publication without their consent is against the law.

The information that would qualify for intellectual property protection is the findings that the Data company on the four sites that they did microwave data survey.

Amoco should bring its suit on the basis of trade secret. This is because confidentiality documents take center stage in the process.

In case of a law suit, John would be held liable. He gave out information about Amoco's research to a competitor.

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