It is with great pleasure and honor to hereby recommend Mr. Christopher Pfaffinger whom I have personally known and worked with since 2009.

Being the Chairperson of “Junge Union Rosenheim” I hold with esteem regards to Mr. Pfaffinger since he started his political engagements in 2009 and was able to participate actively in shaping German politics in general. His contributions as a member of the board helped to drive the union to great success in many programs. One of his greatest achievements was his success in gathering support and influence for the union especially within students’ fraternity and young generation.

Due to his dedication and hard work, he was elected by an overwhelming majority to be a member of the board at “Junge Union Roseinheim” within a year of his political debut. His responsibilities included handling press release, website maintenance and coordinating our branch activities for over 700 members.

He is a very capable gentleman who handles his daily duties reliably, taking an integrative approach to assignments as well as demonstrates good understanding of the economic and political dynamics in the region. He is an excellent and eloquent speaker endowed with a keen entrepreneurial way of thinking. His style and character earned him utmost trust with peers and colleagues.

Therefore I highly recommend him for his trust, capabilities and passion for serving the people. I believe he will be a valuable asset in whatever engagements he ventures into. You may contact me via email for further references if required.

May I wish him the best of luck and success in his future activities.

Yours sincerely...

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