Personal and professional accountability is very essential since it is a vital requirement for advancement in life. The term accountability is generally used to refer to being responsible and explaining every move and action one takes. One should not aim at being held accountable by others but rather by holding themselves accountable. Personal experience, skills and the education acquired by an individual define the range of their professional responsibility(Kotter, 1999). A safe personal and professional practice thus relies on the maintenance of a high level of knowledge and skills. Regardless of the difference between individuals on their values, beliefs and knowledge, it is vital that one takes responsibility and accepts developing those areas with skills deficit.

Career planning is used for the identification of ones strengths and aims at developing an individual’s career goals. An individual’s visions such as the accomplishment of various strategies that maximize the opportunities for expressive achievements in the future are developed through actions within a set time period (Kotter, 1999). One should focus on the current role and in order to attain the set visions, the current goals should be executed and accomplished as planned. Set goals for the future are very vital since they help assist the career direction, challenge the growth, raise the confidence of an individual and consequently raise the levels of achievement and accomplishment.

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Personal journey disciplines are supposed to be reviewed to enhance success. Progressive achievement personally or professionally requires personal commitment, perseverance and firm discipline to stick to the set plans. Continuous acquisition of knowledge and skills through association with other individuals is very essential in the attainment of successive leadership behavior (Bennis, 2003).

Reflective practices are most successful when attempted in a collaborative effort regardless of its challenging nature. Greater levels of self-awareness concerning the nature and impact of performance at the work place are greatly affected by reflective practices.  Professional growth and development is very essential and thus an individual in leadership should aim at reviving the efforts of other workers in any work place to ensure equality and better practices.

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