To establish myself as the new principal, I would require the school’s executive board to organize for a formal introduction ceremony where I would be officially given the mantle to head the school. This introductory meeting should be attended by both the students, instructional staff and non-instructional staff so that I would be able to give a key note address to all staffs. During this introductory meeting, I wouldl articulate clearly my style of management which would put into consideration high work performance for instructional staffs and students. I would also clearly lay down rules of behavior for all stakeholders, for the students and for their parents. Integral in the rules of behavior will be my affirmation that deviation from the rules will not be tolerated at any time. That is, strict adherence to the rules will be my number one priority for success.

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To ensure that teachers provide services that are standard and in tandem with the overall needs for children, I would set both short term and long term goals to help this noble duty. The first short term goal would be to provide a conducive atmosphere that encourages safe and secure learning for both teachers and children. Next, I would establish thorough review of classroom goals and achievements to ensure that both teachers and students stay focused to those goals. Among the long term goals would be to constantly review curriculum content to ensure that it is current, standardized and based on the changing trends in education and other sectors of the country. I would also ensure that I provide initiatives geared towards promoting professional development for teachers which would make them rich of current knowledge.    

Through my previous experience of work with community members I have gained fundamental knowledge in coordinating and organizing various duties, including those touching professionals and paraprofessionals. I am, therefore, confident that I will manage the school’s personnel effectively. I also have experience in fostering and maintaining effective working relationships in an educational setting making, hence I am acknowledged of the ways of providing the best environment for educational growth.   

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