The process for preparing job application is the chosen topic for this analysis. This is due to the fact that securing an employment position has become a major challenge to many people across the globe. For instance, many graduates leave colleges and universities with the hope of getting good employment positions in various sectors of the economy. However, it is quite unfortunate to realize that this is not the real situation since most of these young and skilled individuals end up looking for employment positions for the better parts of their lives. Indeed, many Human Resources consultants have raised several concerns regarding fresh college and university graduates; claiming that they do not have the necessary skills and knowledge on what it takes to prepare adequately for the job application process. As a result of this recent debate on poor preparation for the job application process, it is necessary to equip the fresh graduates and those people who are still looking for employment positions with the necessary procedures. Therefore, the following paragraphs present some information on the process for preparing job application, which include seven steps that are important for others to know.

First, a job-seeker must plan the job search, and this involves carrying out the following tasks: doing a self-inventory, learning about the potential employer, preparing both the resume and the job application letter, and preparing the portfolio. Second, the job-seeker will engage himself or herself with the task of deciding on how to look for an employment position, which can be done through the college or university career placement centres, professional job placement bureaus, published job ads, company’s web-sites, internet job boards, social media connections, individual connections, and unsolicited application letters to companies. Third, the person will be required to have the full knowledge on the company that he/she is intending to apply for a job at. Fourth, the job-seeker is required to draft both the resume and the application letter. This is a process that requires a lot of attention, especially the information on the type of the job and the department in which one is intending to serve. For example, if one is applying for an accountant job, the resume and the application letter should be tailored to meet the requirements of an accounting position. Therefore, this means that one must be well-equipped with the knowledge on accountancy duties and roles. In this regard, the application letter and the resume for the accounts job should not appear as if one is applying for the position of a client service representative.

Fifth, the job-seeker should revise, edit, and proofread his/her resume and the application letter. This is an important process because the human resources managers have very little time to read in detail all the content of application letter. Therefore, the resume and the letter must have the maximum readability ease to attract the human resources management. In addition, the application letter and resume, which have minimal grammatical mistakes, show the applicant’s language competency and communication skills that are often necessary in any organization. Sixth, the job applicant must adequately prepare for the job interview. This can take place in three stages: aptitude test, psychometric test, and oral interview. Aptitude tests are written interviews on various areas: language skills, mathematics, and general knowledge. It is usually done within a short span of time, and this demands the job applicant to be adequately prepared for the task. Moreover, it is important to be honest during interviews, and one should avoid guesswork and giving false answers since such responses lower one’s rating scores.

Summing up, the final process involves writing a follow-up letter after the interview. In this letter, the applicant says “Thank You” to the human resources management for inviting him/ her for the interview. Furthermore, preparation for a job application process is an important topic since many fresh graduates are staying longer unemployed due to lack of sufficient knowledge on how to seek for job.

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