A highly dedicated, self-motivated and reliable individual with a wide experience in educational advising and theoretical linguistics & ESL, that handles his work with a lot of enthusiasm, prefers challenging work-environment and can beat any deadline. Result-focused professional furnished with latest skills in educational advising, curriculum design and student development and possesses excellent communication skills seeks a challenging college or university work environment.   


CSU Northridge - The Tseng College/ Intensive English Program (IEP) (Feb 2007 - Present)

a)Student Advisor/ Housing Coordinator/ ESL Instructor     (Jan 2009 - Present)

b)Application/ Admissions Specialist at IEP                      (Aug 2008 to Dec 2008)

c)Instructional Student Assistant/ Tutor                           (Feb 2007 to Aug 2008)

Responsibilities and achievements:

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  • Adviser and language assistant for housing and academic needs
  • Advising students on transfer procedures, prerequisites, course requirements and placement
  • Offering advice on language assistance for housing and academic needs
  • Assisting in program completion certificates and activity coursework petitions
  • Advising students on CSU and UCs, private and community educational institutions
  • Evaluating, processing and submitting applications and housing contracts at Student Services
  • Creating new accounts, requesting documents update and maintaining database
  • Maintained and kept constant update of program’s website
  • Represented and promoted the language program and student housing to overseas agencies
  • Developed and generated information booklets, guidebooks and orientation for students


  • California State University                                                                                                2009

Master of Arts degree, Theoretical Linguistics & ESL                        

  • California State University                                                                                                2008

Bachelor of Arts degree, Theoretical Linguistics & ESL, Spanish Minor

  • Substitute instructor at IEP to language learning students
  • Volunteered at Mary Grover’s Speech-Language pathology center to assist language delayed children
  • Internship at Yerevan Magazine and Metro PR

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