Crime scene investigators in America work toward investigating all kinds of crimes. They visit the scene in which the criminals accomplish their mission. They gather evidence which they find available in the place where the crime occurs. The people who work as crime scene investigator get employed by the government. They work as police officers and with their skills they get deployed to investigation department. This is a police department and the investigator works together with the police.


The details of this career can be found in htpp//www.crime –scene investigation-net/ or from the article written by Paul B. Weston on crime scene investigator. Those sources give detailed information on the career of a crime scene investigator.

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After graduation, I will get the certificate which will assist in getting the employment because a college diploma is required for one to become a crime scene investigator. Secondly, I have a significant health and I am physically fit. Physical fitness is a mandatory requirement for this career, because it takes climbing mountains in search of evidence. Finally, I am a talented photographer and this requirement is mandatory since people take photos of the crime scene (Weston, 2004).

Individuals in this profession have significant health, and they have a minimum of college diploma. A crime scene investigator works from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm and takes home an average of $ 40,000 in a year. The profession has a code of ethics which respects the Constitution of America.

Police officer is another profession close to this because one has to become a police office before being promoted to the crime scene investigator department. The forensic investigator works in cooperation with crime scene investigator. The details on the career can be found in htpp// Those professionals work towards gathering evidence and investigating to arrest the perpetrated (Weston, 2004). 

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