The fourth amendment right assures people that public administrators will not search them in an arbitrary manner CBS interactive. Inc, 2011. Nobody should violate the right of another person against unreasonable searches and seizures. Based on the fourth amendment right, the school was not justified in strip-searching the student. This is because; a nude search of the student shows violation of human rights. In addition, the school's strip-searching of the student violated her rights to human dignity.

According to CBS interactive. Inc, 2011, the strip-searching of the student caused humiliation and human degradation to the student and therefore the school was not justified in conducting the strip-search. If it was necessary for the school to search the student, they would have done it fairly but not strip-searching the students because it would not have been possible for the student to hide the prescription pills in her undergarments. The school was not justified because it had unreasonable suspicions and their search was over intrusive. In addition, the school's suspicion of prescription pills with the student lacked an indication of danger to the rest of the students. The quantity of drugs was also not known by the school administration and therefore they were not justified in strip-searching the student.

The school was also not justified in strip-searching the student because school administrators do not have rights to force any student to undress unless when the safety of the student is at risk. In this case, the school was wrong in forcing the student to strip naked because of suspecting that the student had prescription drugs with her. The school had violated the fourth amendment right of the student and therefore they were not justified in strip-searching the student. In addition, the school should have asked the student whether she had some prescription pills because conducting the search but they failed to ask such questions and therefore they were not justified in their act.

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The Supreme Court judgment will not make it harder for the school administrators to enforce discipline in their school. This is because the Supreme Court was not against the searching of students to fight unauthorized use of drugs in school but it was against the extent of searching that was conducted Liptak A, 2009.The court does not support strip-searching because it traumatizes and humiliates students. In order to search any student, the Supreme Court says that the school officials should have reasonable suspicions and not those based on probable course. In this connection, school officials are allowed to conduct searches but should not do it excessively as in the case of strip-searching, Liptak A, 2009.

The Supreme Court judgment shows that school officials should have facts concerning any indication of danger to other students from another student's case of indiscipline. The court's judgment does not make it hard for school administrators to enforce discipline because it allows strip-searching to be done if there is an indication that the effects of school indiscipline for particular students will affect other students in an extraordinary manner. In addition, the Supreme Court suggests that students need to be questioned before they are searched and this does not make it hard for school administrators to enforce discipline in their schools in any manner.

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