The Universal Declaration of individual Rights is a declaration, which was adopted by the United Nations general assembly in 1948. The declaration emerged from the occurrence of the Second World War; hence, it was the first world familiarity of rights to which all human beings should get. The UDHR has 30 articles, which are complex in successive international accord, local human rights, national charter and laws.

The declaration has preambles with paragraphs, which gives the reason for the taking in of the declaration.  The first paragraph affirms that human dignity of all people should be recognized, and there should be the establishment of justice and peace.  Paying of no attention and disapproval for human rights, which has led to dehumanizing acts that have irritated the mankind's conscience with the freedom of speech, belief, freedom from wants and fear, has been focused on in the second paragraph. The third paragraph states that human rights need to be safeguarded by law. Human rights that relate to the establishment of a good relationship between nations are in the fourth paragraph.

The fifth paragraph relates the declaration with the United States constitution that should have faith in the essential human rights and dignity and the value of a human being. The message that all members of the United Nations have  given an oath that they will cooperate with the United Nations in promoting the common respect for, observance of human rights and basic freedom is contained by the sixth paragraph. The final paragraph of the introduction observes that there should be a universal understanding of human rights and freedom so as to be significant to the oath taken by the people concerned (Donders & Volodin, 318).

There is also an assertion that the declaration is a universal standard of accomplishment for all people and all the nations. Through teaching and instruction, the society will promote respect for human rights, freedom, and secure its common and fruitful recognition together with execution. The university's core value of a community is a fundamental aspect to be discussed. The university is a community structure, which educates people to be professionals, responsible, and accountable people in the society. This institution of higher learning must have positive core values to be followed for the betterment of the institution, which will be for the benefit of the community.

Core values disclose the common beliefs, which are to be practiced by the school. For instance, the rules and regulations that are normally given to be observed by students. Such rules and regulations can be observed, measured and are fundamental for school's outlook for student education. In order for the school to make decisions, these core values must be referred. It is important that all people, who are stakeholders in the improvement of the school community, participate in the establishment of the core values and learning potentials.

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The United Nations universal declaration of human rights, as a common standard to achieve, is applicable to the university community as core values. In the university community, everybody should be free and equal in dignity and rights (Morsink, 164). All people should be treated well and have access to all the rights that are essential for improvement of one's life. In addition, citizens need to adore one another as brothers and sisters and have respect for each other. Discriminations because of one's color, race, sex, language, religion, nationality, origin, status and background are prohibited. For example, both those who are able and disabled people should have access to university education. This is because all are human beings and God created all wonderfully and fearfully. Therefore, recruiting criteria should be just and fair which is a basic core value to be practiced.

The nation or society is responsible in insuring that it provides to its universities with the core values necessary for the foundation of their future lives. There is a unique chance and an obligation in the university to influence the future generation. It shapes, teaches students and instills them with core values. The way they are handled through the values will determine their future life in the world.

There are many young graduates from the universities, who have performed excellently in academics. This is evidenced by the high percentage of graduates who go on to university education. This is as a result of the core values instilled to them in the school community. Such kind of people makes a positive contribution to the wider nation (Donders & Volodin, 62).

The twenty- sixth article of the declaration of human rights emphasizes on education for all. Everyone has a right to education. It states that technical and professional education would be made available, and everyone will be able to access it with regard to merits. Education will also be directed to the full establishment of the individual personality and to the intensification of respect for human rights and primary freedoms. This article is very relevant as the university community's core value (Morsink, 238). The university fosters understanding, good relationship between the stakeholders and tolerance despite racial, sexual, color, religious, or other differences. In addition, the parents have to decide first on the choice of the kind of education they want for their children.

As a core value, every university stakeholder should have a right for social security and is permitted to the realization, through national endeavor and international support and open development of his individuality. Additionally, as students spend most of their time in lectures, they have a right to leisure and the rest just like the twenty-third article of the declaration of human rights.

 In conclusion, the united nation declaration of the human rights relates a lot with the university's core values. Therefore, it is very imperative to promote these rights as the core values that build character, acceptance, understanding and corporation. Violence, stealing, cheating, disrespect and other vices should be unheard of. Instead, people should emphasize on respect, accountability, responsibility and honesty.

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