Decision making is a very crucial aspect of any organization. This is because the decisions made by managers influence the operations of an organization. Creative thinking is one of the most important concepts that can be applied at work place, especially, in the context of decision making. Creative thinking refers to a rational insightful thinking, which is focused on choosing what to rely on or do. The rudiments of deliberation are illumination of intention, making use of inquiry, creating a point of view, confirmation of hypotheses, stating propositions, and drawing conclusions. Creativity involves moving away from past occurrences and processes. It also involves the creation of fresh ideas, which are valuable and suitable to the circumstances. Some individuals perceive creativity as away of making discoveries. Therefore, creative thinking can be applied as follows in a given work environment.

Application of Creative Thinking

Creative thinking can be of great significance when trying to explore new possibilities. It is important to adopt diversity because it enhances the ability discover new possibilities and perspectives. For instance, in trying to introduce new products and services, a company should employ creative thinking because it can help in developing better and unique services. This implies that new concepts should be linked to the prevailing business concepts, procedures and objectives.

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Creative thinking can be used to determine the needs of clients. An individuals needs to be innovative to identify the needs and dislikes of clients. Collaborative work relationships can be developed through creative thinking. In this case, an individual should implicitly and explicitly develop trust. Workers can also use their creativity to avoid disrespecting the rights and views of their colleagues.

Innovation projects can be governed better through creative thinking, which encompasses using new tools, techniques and procedures flexibly and efficiently to manage a given activity. This also involves fulfilling promises and honoring requests.

Lastly, problem solving can be enhanced significantly by introducing novel concepts to solve it. In other words, a mind set that led to a particular challenge cannot be used to overcome it. This means that creative thinking generates better techniques that can be used to handle business operations more effectively compared to the existing ones.

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