Teamwork in an organization has a fundamental effect on an organization’s performance. An effective team can cause an organization to grow and achieve incredible results. A lazy team, however, can cause an organization to collapse, due to failure to deliver. Almost every organization has teams, and every individual is placed in a team.  Teams are often used in workplaces due to task demand and the need to remain competitive in the finite market. The effectiveness of the team will always depend on the diligence of every individual in the team. It is important for every team member to know the weaknesses and the strengths of every team member in order to maximize on the strengths and to substitute for the weaknesses in the team. This will help uncover common teamwork problems that might be experienced and, therefore, the team will find ways of solving and working around those issues (Dalkir, 2007).


Exchange of information is very vital to the success of individuals working as a team. Communication is basically important for clarifying misunderstandings and establishes mutual understanding between the listener and the speaker. Positive team communication increases productivity, boosts employee morale and increases idea generation in the team. It is also very vital, for employee employer relationship as good and positive communication builds trust and also makes work easier. Good communication will also ensure less conflict in workplaces. This is ensured by the right information reaching the decision makers.

Successful communication between the team members is extremely crucial. This is because they are working in the same environment and lack of good communication between team members could lead to lack of fulfilment of the set goals and objectives. It enhances the relationship that exists between the leaders and the followers. Therefore, it is vital to enhance open and effective communication among team members (Hill & Jones, 2009).

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Within the team, tasks must be shared out in accordance to established personal skills and abilities. This ensures that the person who is best skilled in a certain field carries out the particular task on behalf of the team. This ensures that each individual is at ease while carrying out these activities. This largely enhances effective working. Therefore, the team must come up with a way of establishing each person’s expertise. This might be achieved in the course of the implementing a performance evaluation system. This would enable any organization or team to make decisions on who should carry out which activity on behalf of the team. This greatly contributes to effective working and team building.

Team building activities

These are the most looked forward to events in organizations. They break the monotony of the office environment, and they bring the element of different environment to the team. Team building ideas help develop the necessary qualities of a team player in every employee. They enhance trust, communication and interpersonal skills, initiative teamwork and flexibility. Employee morale could also be enhanced through the implementation of team building activities. This will ensure that the less experienced officers bond with their seniors. In the long run, they will be able to share information about their jobs. This will ensure that they work as a unit towards achieving a common goal (Hajdini, 2010).

Team building games held outside of the office environment help the employees improve their social skills and shed their inhibitions. The most common team activity involves discussion and presentation. This encourages friendly competition among groups and the comradeship that is developed helps improves employee morale and realization of individual potential. Therefore, team building should be implemented in every organization.



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