The author talks about port security management which provides real world strategy for security planning and achievement process. He starts with a chronological and organizational point of view on maritime and port safety. He then talks about the administration of risk evaluation, presentation of it within the framework of the distinctive vulnerabilities within the marine and port setting. The writer looks at the expansion of flexible port facilities for leisure, hospitality, and outside business and marketable interests and presents perceptions on the role of technology in safety measures. Lastly, he examines the essence to develop emergency procedures plans and work efficiently with the state (Christopher, 2009, p45).

MARSEC is the maritime safety levels which are intended to correspond to the coast guard and the marine industry associates. It is intended to meet scalable emergency responses for likely threats. MARSEC has different levels. They are put to mirror the prevailing threat surroundings to the marine basics of the national haulage system. They include ports, vessels, amenities, and essential assets and communication network located on or nearby to U.S. waters. There are three MARSEC Levels which apply to ships, vital facilities in the port inside the U.S., and to the coast security team (Christopher, 2009, p54).

MARSEC 1st level is the level for which lowest suitable security measures shall is maintained round the clock. MARSEC 2nd level, is the level for which suitable extra defensive security procedures shall be maintained, for a specific period, as a consequence of increased danger of a transportation security unpleasant incident.

MARSEC 3rd level means are the stage at which supplementary specific protective safety, measures shall be upheld for a limited period when a haulage security occurrence is probable, looming, or has happened, though, it is not possible to pin point the precise target.

FSP is the approved Facility Security Plan, along with any accepted amendments, accompanied with a letter of endorsement from the COTP. FSO is a Facility Security Officer charged with implementing security measures in the maritime amenities and ensures  a facility safety assessment (FSA) is conducted.

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