The need for sustainability has led to the adoption of several strategies in buildings aimed at ensuring that the buildings are more environmentally, economically and socially sustainable (Dale & Sparkes, 2010). The recent developments in the establishment of sustainable cities and buildings are a clear indication that the world has embraced the concept of sustainability in buildings (Owen, 2009)

The paper will research on sustainable energy projects in the building of buildings and the use of buildings. The issue of adopting sustainable energy in buildings commonly referred to as green energy has is a sustainability measure aimed at ensuring the amount of carbon gas emissions are reduced by a great margin as possible (International Renewable Energy Source, 2012). Carbon gasses are the cause of global warming; which is the major cause of climate change (Myhrvold & Caldeira, 2012).

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The research paper will take a deep analysis of the sustainability issues, the energy uses in buildings and come up with an integrated project which will be aimed at providing green energy to buildings. The underlying concept behind this integrated green energy project is that buildings should produce as much energy as they consume (Randolph, 2006). The research project will cut across the whole life cycle of a building; that is from its design to its use. In the end, impact of the project will be assessed.

The approach used will be theoretical; it will involve the analysis of the available literature on environmental sustainability and sustainable energy.

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