The key problem faced by Tran is the technical risks inherent in Ajax project. Theoretically, the project’s design principles made sense but its applicability in the real world could bring with it some challenges like integrating the audio, optical, tactile and laser sub-systems. Another problem faced by Tran is the fact that the two groups that makes his team, hardware engineers and electrical engineers, are pretty much split from each other. Hardware engineers consist of former military and now family men with conventional attires and beliefs while electrical engineers are young, single and cocky. This problem was aggravated by the issue of their salaries.

Tran has handled the problem concerning the technical risks present in Ajax project effectively. As a project manager, Tran has shown his effectiveness by step he took of arranging for a two-day team-building retreat at a lodge for his entire team in order to go over the major objectives of the project and unveil the basic project plan. Another reason that shows that Tran handled the main problem effectively was how he responded after the projects’ tests continued to fail after two consecutive times. He started each day with a status meeting where the team reviewed what they had accomplished the previous day and set new objectives for that day. He also started spending most of his time with his team helping then solve problems, encouraging them and appreciating those who produced good results. 

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If I was in Tran’s position, I would have gone back on the drawing board and established all the professionals that would be needed to accomplish Ajax project. I would form another qualified and highly experienced team that had no differences between the groups. In order to have accountability and seriousness, I would embark on differentiation and specialization strategy where each group with its own expertise would start and finish on its part of the project for the other group to carry on. With such plan, I would easily know where the mistake is and correct it on time. I would also be able to know the group that is not delivering so that I could take the relevant measures to avoid disappointments. Before starting a project, I would also ensure that the time allocated was good enough to meet the deadline. To motivate the whole team, I would ensure that there is fairness when paying salaries and allowances to members of all the groups.

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