Most of the team members has different role in their daily undertaking (Jansen, Et al. 2009). The roles they partake in a team are mostly determined by the environment that they are. These roles help them develop their strengths suppressing the weakness which they have. Hence the role they take in life is determined by many factors. In very many occasions, the roles they play are contrary to what they wish (Brenda and Massey, 1998). However, leaders always accept changes and assimilate them for the development of the group. Thus, it is always advisable to assess every ones strength and weakness to ensure that they take appropriate measures to suppress weakness and major in ones strength.

Judging from the tasks the group members has, they have realized that innovation characteristic have come up very distinctively (Hadikin, 2004). Though they experience some few challenges in it, some characteristics of innovation are in them. For example, they are very imaginative and always come up with new ideas. This is mostly brought up by independence that they like enjoying in doing so. They also like having initial ideas from others but welcome them after each of they suggests it which in turn make it possible to implement my idea. Teamwork is very important because of brainstorming. When they invent an idea, they cherish brainstorming implementation to help in propagation.

In addition, they are future oriented on the kind of the innovation done. They like putting in place all the factors that may affect the future of each others idea. Hence, they really research on the idea making sure that the loopholes that may affect the future of the project are dealt with appropriately. The impact which the idea may have in the future generation is dealt with very well (Howkins, Et al 2002).

However, when the project grows to a complex situation, the group members tend to start fearing the out come. This is characterized by the weakness to deal with the out coming challenges that emerge from the environmental change causing expansion (Sines Et al 2009). They are also very weak in challenging norms; the repercussion that may emerges by doing so makes most of them sick. Thus, they prefer keeping quiet even if the way things are done is wrong. This is one of the weaknesses that they usually have in the field of innovation. The creativity that is required to take the idea to the maturity stage is still their problem. After devising an idea, they are supposed to come up with a plan on how to implement it. However, this has been their greatest problem. The intensive research that a project demands to ensure that the idea is viable in a given period of time is not well versed in them (Hamric Et al 2005).

According to Catanzaro and Thomas (1998) this is when leaders play a role of leadership either knowingly or unknowingly. In this, they should preside over team gathering their efforts together to meet the desired results. The group members are good in experimenting new ideas as they evaluate different options to help in search of the best. If any new activity is to be organized, hence they are self-contributing fully to it. Most of them do enjoy project work and to participate fully in the teamwork. In group coordination, new ideas development is paramount if the group is to be continued. This has been one of its strength. Nevertheless, they are very poor experimenter and do not like analytical way of doing things (Zaccagnini Et al 2010).

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A driver is people who is always in charge of a specific project and ensure that the goals are met. As a project driver, they are quick to decide on issues affecting it. This help in making things happen in the group faster than expected. They like adding energy in the team turning ideas into action with a lot of vigor (Chism and Lisa, 2009). Therefore, help very much in organizing the group to help achieve the result as fast as possible. However, contrary, they are impatient when the results take too long to mature. Analyzing the project as a project driver is one of those things they have been trying without success (Holosko, Et al 1992).

This is a person involved in linking the organization and the outside world (Harden Ronald 2009). For the case of the group, connecting with people outside the group as well as inside is a passion not a responsibility. Hence, they like seeing the big picture of the company from its growth inside globally. Therefore, their persuasion towards anything is very pronounced and they can go away with anything. The group members are outgoing and very influential. They are very enthusiastic towards new ideas and good at selling them to their friends and colleagues (Matarese, Et al 2003). They also like varied and exciting work. It stimulates my energy and makes me feel revived. It is also evident that they get easily bored especially if things are not working on their way.

They like solving conflicts of other members in the team, look after the physical and social element of the team. This is because is like offering emotional support to others (Grundy, Maggie 2006). As creative team members, they usually have very strong views to help their team to be royal and supportive. Hence, they are usually motivated by team purpose. However the great problem in the group is choosing right from wrong especially where I am supposed to compare two very close ideas

In gathering information in a way it can be understood they are very good (Jasper, Et al 2005). Their skills of listening make them gain knowledge that makes them help people easily. They also like supporting team members and see them rise above their problems and listen to them before reacting.

In all their undertaking, they like working with figures and facts. This help to give detailed information. Hence they are detailed oriented in their work and create strong control of what they do. However, they are experiencing low need for people contact (Fulton Et al. 2009). Therefore, being poor inspector of standards that constitute the project even if they have come up with it.

Successful leadership needs good nurturing and management in all the stages of administration. A good example is Gibbs Reflective Cycle which enables the leaders to decide on the action which they should take and evaluate whatever they are planning and implementing to ensure they are effective. Hence, there is need to understand the description of what is being done or what needs to be done, which in turn provides a feeling which illustrates what the team members are thinking and feeling. For continuous improvement of the leadership styles being practiced is evaluation of the experience they go through and understanding what is good about the experience. Such understanding enables the team members to analyze the situation and understand the sense which would be made in the situation. After successful analysis it is then concluded but not in totality they try to come up what else they would have done to make it better which is considered in future development.

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