With the authors mentioning the economy, they imply that it has contributed to rise in obesity. As we all know, fast-foods are cheaper and due to financial constrains caused by the economy, people are running for the fast-foods without thinking of the consequences. People have developed bad eating habits, which happens to be the order of the day. Balanced diet is no longer considered, when individuals are having a diet despite the health benefits.

Corn is being used in everything around our lives. The food industries are over producing it to make more money. Making cheap products is part of attracting their consumers, and as a result, makes greasy foods that are sweet but unhealthy.

In this book, the authors highlight the risk imposed on the first generation due to the recent rise in obesity, in America. Finkelstein and Zuckerman believe that the risk of health complications is more in to children than their parents. By this, their lifespan is expected to be shorter. They also describe the constant rise in peoples’ weigh in America since 1980. However, the author worry about the future if the situation is irreversible.

Science plays a big role in obesity. It shows that, genetics plays a role in obesity. Genetically composition of an individual has been known to cause obesity related disorders in an individual. Nevertheless, the genes should not be used to establish the health of a person, as change of eating habits of an individual is important.

According to the author in this book, obesity is caused and tolerated by eating too much sugar, and less or no exercise. She states that obesity has raised the number of diabetic patients in Caribbean due to their lifestyle. Eating habits and individual lifestyles play an extremely crucial role in the trends in obesity as a condition. Awareness programs are the only way that the rising cases of obesity may be curbed. This can also be done by controlling the amount of corn consumed, or by ensuring it is consumed in healthy portions.

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However, the author proposes that the rise in obesity can be curbed by interracial marriages whereby different genes are integrated to destroy the obese gene.

In the book, the author seeks to address the dilemma people are faced with in selecting food to eat. In other words, humans are known to be omnivores, that is, the most non-selective eaters. Additionally, they are faced with the dilemma each and every day trying to figure out what to pick from a variety of food choices. To understand more about the choices made in selecting these daily meals, Pollan follows up on the food chain, and come up with an American way of eating. By this, the author concludes that corn is the major and the only cause of obesity in America.

With this said, it is clearly evident that America has a long way to go in the fight against obesity. This is because of the fact that corn is part of America’s culture, and is its annual consumption is higher above other foods.

The author of this book primarily focuses on risk of shorter human lifespan caused by increased rise of obesity in American society. Mentioning the increase in mortality rate gives the subject more attention considering risks described in the book. Uhlenberg also points out the recent number of deaths by comparing the age with the BMI of the diseased. This way, it is clearly evident that the fatter one is the more they are likely to die due to health problems associated with obesity.

In reference to the cause in omnivore dilemma, corn seen as an energy-giving food, and as such produces a lot of calories when eaten. This means that there should be an adjustment of one’s lifestyle so as to enjoy its taste and stay fit. In other words, people exercise to burn calories produced by corn-based products, creating another culture of living a healthy life.

With the above analysis, it is evident that obesity can be controlled only that huge sacrificed need to be taken. In other words, the fight against the domination of corn in America and other continent is tough, but the best way to control the condition.

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