Extracurricular activities are any activities which one can do and which are not included in the course study or paid for. Extracurricular activities can be volunteer works, family activities or hobbies. Thus these activities fall outside the normal realm of the college curriculum.

Extracurricular activity

One of my extracurricular activities was when I came to the USA to study English in January of 2011 after receiving a scholarship “Bolashak”, which is given to high-performing students to study abroad when all expenses paid by the government. Since then I took part in different extracurricular activities; one of which I shall never forget was joining the Office of Volunteer Programs and the Interfaith Initiative at the Campaign Public Health District. This not only helped me to learn a few details in relation to campaigns in the districts but also gave me the satisfaction of being able to help in the campaigns of the same.

The activities included: cleaning up and building the community gardens in the regions. I witnesses different groups in Campaign-Urbana use the gardens and this taught me some lessons on how to grow healthy fruits and vegetables. This was the first and best volunteering event I have ever joined while my stay at the USA. I extremely enjoyed the exercise as I needed some physical activity.

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 My main duties were to clean the garden by pulling out old vegetations to cultivate the new ones. We cut long boards to construct the garden. I learned how to screw two cut boards to join, which I have never done before, and it was empirical experience.

After these activities, we had an interfaith discussion with other students on why we decided to volunteer and perform the service work in the society. We were able to meet many people who had true commitments to help and flourish their society. It was interesting to know the significance of helping public from different perspective.

This unforgettable volunteering helped me to understand the importance of helping to a community and being compassionate towards others. I want to continue volunteering as much as I can in the future.


This essay briefly elaborates an extracurricular activity. It entails the benefits, experiences and many other aspects of this extracurricular activity.

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