My career is going to be a Medical Assistant (MA). I am currently a student who soon will be entering the job market. Thus, there are several things that will be of interest in my job hunting period. I will need convenient means through which I can get to know the most current job opportunities available. In addition to that, the information provided in the job advertisement in terms of description should be comprehensive so that, if I decide to apply, I should know what the job entails in detail and be sure that I am getting into something that I really want. Ideally, there has to be a specification in the offered job that is not interesting to me.

Therefore, there are numerous things that I would like to know from the website. The details, including a detailed job description, the location of the facility, that offers the opportunity, application requirements, the day, when the position  was offered and the ease of use. To expound on the use of the website, an “at a glance” summary of the job should be visible to reduce the time wasted, following the links from the site. Reputation and credibility of the information provided should be high to avoid engaging in the operation that is void of results.

Arguably, has more features that suite my career and interest in getting into the job market as compared to First, enables one to create an account with a profile with details about the areas of interest. That way the site can recommend jobs that fit what you need. Secondly, a resume can be posted in the site to make sure that the probable employers can have a glimpse of your qualification. To add to that, the description provided to the jobs is more detailed. The description in is very brief in paragraph form. On the contrary, provides a breakdown in the following categories Location, Employee Type, Industry, manages others, Job Type, Education, Experience, Travel, Relocation Covered, Post Date, Contact Information, Description, Job Responsibilities and Requirements.

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Upon looking at’s purpose, the site provides links of jobs offered in other websites that have direct connections with the employers. The reliability of the website is therefore compromised since they are just a profit making website which hosts links. The validity of the links is not certain. On comparison, hosts jobs directly from the employers. It has details of the employers and links to their websites too. It is therefore not a linking service website. Validity of the posts that are available at the website is higher than the

In sponsorship, the website is privately sponsored by Margaret Riley Dikel, and has profit making intensions. Upon checking, the as of   February 19, 2012 the sponsor was Colorado Technical University, Keller Graduate School of Management and Universal Technical Institute. In that case, the content of the website and the website sponsors of are reputable and can be trusted due to the reliability and validity of the services that they provide. To add to the graphics that the website has, a narrow search tool had been provided to filter the category, company city and the state. Further advanced search is available too and has a warning on what not to give in application.

To conclude, the features that offers outshine those of the website, this in my view in terms of the validity and direct nature of the posts they give and the ease that the website offers the user. For someone entering the job market, a profile in is better than looking randomly in   

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