When I was young, my parents made sure I attended Sunday school services. I fell in love with the Sunday school, because I would get the chance to interact with other children from my neighborhood. Moreover, I got a chance to live without school restriction or my parents’ curfews about my getting back home. Sunday morning was always perfect. My parents did not have to struggle waking me up since I was always the first to get out of bed. Preparations took a remarkably short time unlike weekdays when I was going to school. While at Sunday school, I took part in many activities, including dramas and singing. I, however, preferred participating in dramas to singing activities.

Drama and performing arts formed the basis for my confidence. It is with a help of drama that I became able to learn how to express myself in public, and my shyness and nervousness disappeared with time. It stimulated me presenting my speeches and expressions, the aspects that have been helpful in my life. My imagination skills expanded, and I acknowledged that the level of my imagination today largely depends on the skills I developed during Sunday school. Role-playing also helped me become responsible, as I took up responsibilities in dramas and incorporated them in my life.

 My involvement in drama extended, not just in church, but in school as well. Through drama sessions I interacted with many children from different backgrounds, which helped develop my interaction skills in general. I was able to appreciate the fact that people are different and have various beliefs. This explained why some children were perfectly playing certain roles, while flopped in other roles. Through drama, I was also able to learn how to share my ideas with other people. Being an only child in my family, I did not know the meaning of sharing. However, during the drama sessions, our Sunday school teacher made sure we shared every little thing that was there, and that shaped my life as well. Nowadays, sharing is a part of me, just like my character. Dramas profoundly influenced my listening skills since one had to be extremely attentive to be able to role-play. One had to read and understand the script then listened to the other players as they finished their part. 

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Moreover, my interest in television and indoor games diminished when I started acting. I spent most of my time practicing plays and dramas, so I barely had enough time to stay indoors and play television or video games. My parents were grateful since they did not have to struggle getting me off the television to do my homework.  Taking part in drama made me entertain in that way; I spent most of my weekends attending plays and watching stand up comedies. I do not fancy listening to loud music, like most of my age mates do, or sitting in front of the TV anticipating watching movies from dawn to dusk on Saturday or Sunday. I prefer the live performances and go home to sleep. In addition, I still attend church on Sundays and take time to go and watch young children acting like I used to act when I was young.

Today, I still hold the Sunday schools exceptionally high. They remind me of the intriguing life I once had when I was growing up. I respect the Sunday school teachers and all the drama teachers who spent their time on teaching young children how to role-play and take responsibilities. I still believe that dramas play a crucial role in the development of children’s confidence though I did not know it back then. Dramas help sharpen children’s listening skills, attention and speaking skills. I can never overlook the importance of drama in a life of the growing child.

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