As the CEO of a small and developing manufacturing company in Texas, I state that the control strategy will be effective to execute my business plans. Considering that the location of the factory is south of the border, it paves a way and chances to be in direct control of the business activities with Mexico. To accomplish this mission, all I need is to have an oversight and to take control that can reduce the risk of violence. This step will also convince the company team that it is worth working with Mexicans despite what the state is going through.

However, the fact that corruption has become rampant in Mexican bureaucracy, it calls for the control strategy to ignore such measures to pursue the mission of the company. The majority of the team members may be in opposition and perceive the idea of working with Mexico to be irrelevant. The only way to convince them that Mexico is an effective country to work with is by controlling their thoughts. This will enable them to understand that working with Mexico would provide a competitive business environment. It is through convincing the company team that Mexico is also expanding its market in manufacturing similar to China (Desai, 1997).

In addition, this idea is advantageous, because Mexico is only a few miles away south of the border. This implies that, it will cut on the expenses of transportation and save on time to execute business plans in a matter of days with Mexico instead of weeks with China. As the CEO, I prefer working with the factory in Mexico, which produces products for export. By enforcing control strategy, it will save on the high risk of losing property through piracy, while working with China. In case of a problem, it is easy to handle it when dealing with the nearest export company than with China, which is far. Initiating a control strategy will assist in controlling the course of quality problems that tend to be notorious in China.

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Apparently, the situation in Mexico is reporting a high number of violent activities ranging from the kidnap of executives, murders to drug related cases. This further makes it hard to convince the company team, and make a decision of sending workers to Juarez located in the south border. Despite this situation, I will incorporate control strategy to overlook such measures and build business with Mexico. The positive side is that Mexico offers an exceptional opportunity in an environment that is less competitive. In Mexico, schools engage in partnership with industries to initiate programs such as microelectronics and bioengineering that produces personnel with quality skills for the labor. Using the control strategy will help in convincing the team members that both Mexico and China experience low purchasing power. This tends to affect skilled labor in both countries hence; it creates no sense to build business with China, which is far, and experience the same issues with Mexico.

The control strategy will also convince the team members, that preferring a state that is far to Mexico leads to spending a lot of funds for tied up inventories to ship products to the US. Through control strategy, I am able to convince my team that it is still worth working with Mexico. This can work through employing effective ways to minimize the risk of violence and focus on the aspects that can boost the business of the company.

The steps that I will take to reduce the impact of violence in Mexico is by coordinating well with the leaders to come to agreeable terms that can reduce violence, and by making business run smoothly. This can be through collaborating with Mexico, and supporting them in programs that can increase the number of quality skilled labor in both countries.

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