I have only recently been directly involved in the business world despite the fact that this sphere was my major one. I have experienced a small, but important, part of the business community and my time spent within this world gave me better understanding and appreciation of it. I have developed a unique interest in business at the early stage of my military career. Understanding of what it takes to become a leader in such a disciplined and structured organization gave me those skills which cannot be taught in a classroom. As a non-commissioned officer you need to be organized, competent and most of all a professional and that is what can be said about almost every leadership position in a business. What company wants an employee who does not possess or strive for these qualities?

Since my initial entry into the army I have worked as a communications security (COMSEC) manager for a major hub in the Department of Defense. Moreover, I have been a direct supervisor for several military and civilian personnel, while managing millions of dollars’ communications equipment in a secure facility. My business assignment which gave me a clear understanding of business side from government’s view started quite recently. My current job in the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has broadened my once limited understanding of what a major cooperation does. I worked as a project manager and my main duties were to oversee and analyze all the aspects of a proposal, and also to execute a plan to reach a specific goal on time and on budget. This was a daunting task for me as someone with little to business background, but being a leader in military gave me the confidence I needed to pull through and be successful in an unfamiliar environment. I have achieved a position of an Executive Assistant to the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of DISA. Being at this level in the Agency I have gained insight into the caliber of leadership needed to run a successful corporation, and it gave me the passion to pursue a career as an officer and a business professional in turn. I have so much respect for my superiors, and during the time being in this position I have learned a lot about myself and what I want to do with my life.

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To be successful I need to expand my knowledge and to improve my skills. That is what I can get here, in Fordham School. My experience, in conjunction with my passion, will contribute to my success in this degree program, as well as with my future in this career. My undergraduate studies at Fordham School will provide me with the qualification and knowledge I need to be successful. Fordham School has two aspects that are just for me. The first is its Jesuit tradition which holds true to the values that my family lives by. We believe that a high quality of education is important for being a capable and productive member of the society; only knowledge can help us to find our place in this world. Moreover, spiritual growth, combined with the intellectual one, makes our lives more balanced and meaningful. The second aspect is Fordham’s well-deserved reputation, which comes from its many years as a top tier university’s experience. The education I would obtain from this caliber of school will allow me to acquire skills and knowledge at a level that few schools can offer.

I hope to expand my knowledge of this growing field and make my mark as a military officer and a business professional. I know that Fordham School will prepare me for this and any other obstacles I encounter in the future. I am also sure that Fordham School is a place for me, the place I need and I will do all my best to be a part of it.  

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