Everyone have their special moments, which totally changed their lives. It can be something unusual like the rich heritage from the parents, meeting with the stranger that suddenly became relative and so on. But there are things, which are common for many people such as: getting the driver’s license, marriage, achieving of legal age. Everything and every event in our life leave imprints in our fates.

Special Event that Played a Significant Role in My Life

I want to tell about my special event that played a significant role in my life. It was the last summer, when I realized that knowledge of the other language can make substantial contribution to my future self-development and life. I studied German language by my own and always look for the possibility to learn more about German language and the culture of Germany. And I got chance to learn something more than simple written language. I’ve received good opportunity to speak German and furthermore to learn language in use. It happened in the special place reserved to carrying out German Summer Camp.

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It affects me as well as others in the good way! We’ve learnt the language during the interesting challenges and outdoor activities. There is only one way to understand other people from the different culture: to have something in common. I mean doing something similar, it doesn’t matter what it is: go in for sports, studying books, just having fun makes the conservation living and interactive.

Personal Experience Essay Conclusion

After the camp, I’ve got experience of speaking German. Any language barriers have been broken. It is the most precious gift that the life can offer for those who decided to study languages and cultures. So, it is hard to define how important it is for the translators from any culture.

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