Almost everyone have their dreams and aspiration. Someone dedicate their lives to make their ways up. Someone try their best just for gaining a living. In Armenia we have high prices and no work place to get money even to cover the necessary expenses. It is the law of “dog eat dog” without any doubt! There is no chance for people with low-income to live. You can only survive, it doesn’t matter whether you have education or not. It is your destiny to be the one from low class. I studied in the school and I personally faced this problem. There is no middle-class in the school – only extremities. There are only people with low-income and so-called “elite”. But before proceeding to the next stage of my life I would like to tell about my homeland. I lived in the Armenia, Gyumri. In 1988 all people of this city suffered from the terrible earthquake that literally razed all buildings to the ground. The disaster carried away an infinite number of people. The economy was in ruins. But what crisis wasn’t profitable for the business, and sometime ago the huge companies-monopolies grew up like mushrooms. In the result they started to foist unreasonable prices and quotations for the essential goods. And then people from the middle-class dropped to the low.

To make some money I worked as a manager of the small liquor store in my country. At the same time, I began to study many books on economics. I couldn’t find any equal structure to call ours. Only one was rough similar to ours it is monopoly. Monetary and fiscal system fell apart.

My work in the store taught me good lesson, we should study the demand and products of high demand and only then order new goods. Because, undesirable goods which have bad demand almost always lose their sellable condition and are subject to utilization or return. It cannot be allowed for the small business because it involves great losses.

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Due to my childhood and the hard work for the store I am comfortable with and, of course, desire to work with unpredictable jobs. So I will be able to handle many crisis situations which require solution here and now.

 After the experience of managing the store I’ve arrived to the USA and began to attend GlendaleCommunity College. My ultimate aim and aspiration is to apply for UC schools. I want to know more about economics and the types of economies of the world. We cannot handle such problems of in the economies alone, because the voice of one man is the voice of no one, but united with professional economists we can make a difference. We won’t have success at once. It is a long-term process of regeneration of wounded economy. I will try my best to get all knowledge that the school can give to me due to my good memory and good information perceiving.

Speaking about my volunteer activity I worked for the immigrants translating for them various forms and applications. It will be helpful for those who have problems with English. Also, I am the member of chess club in my college. I enjoy assisting in carrying out of chess tournaments. As for me I am the national chess master of the USA. So, I have strong skills of concentration, self-development and comprehension of new information. My work in the small liquor shop made me stronger and I’ve gained the sense of responsibility. I working hard  now to get in the UC school, and it of course, made me better person. As a result of all these changes, now I am certain than ever, I want to be economist in the nearest future. 

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