The Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood instilled the principle of self-determination and striving for its actualization as a community of believers. The purpose was to bring a true picture and presentation of Sunni Islam to American society (Haley et al, 2001). There too was an intention of to vigorously utilize the energies together with the facilities in teaching and spreading the eternal message of the entire Prophets, with African-American of descent (Kushite) being in the front position to accept the gift of Allah (Almighty God).

Another way in which Malcolm X helped revolutionizing Islam through Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood and the School of Islamic and Arabic studies was an expression of purpose to create an indigenous Islamic intelligentsia, thereby reserving the right to obtain Islamic leadership and scholars from within themselves. This is according to the teachings and belief, by honesty expression of words by Allahu Akbar-Allah is Supreme- that any individual must look within themselves, from that place get an answer to their prayer.

Haley et al (2001) state that although many people believe that religion has everything to with the way they personally relate with God, and with nothing to do with the society and their fight for justice, Malcolm identified the struggle and fight for justice as the innermost religious act. This made his message to be misunderstood on many occasions as his friends and colleagues frequently ceased from talking of religion and often ignored the stringent moral code he adhered to. He could be accused by his enemies of using religion wrongly as a frontage to foment hate and violence.

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Malcolm is seen as the most efficient American-based international voice for liberation of the African society. It is crystal clear in the recommendations he made in July, 1964 in Cairo at the Organization of African Unity Summit Conference. The recommendations included: Civil Rights organization in the United States of America had accomplished all they could hope for under the existing conditions, by then, the time was ripe to internationalize the American Negro problem for the purpose of accentuating the struggle, thirdly he said that this could only be done by linking the fate of the new African states with that of American Negroes. The fourth recommendation was that it could also be done through employing the racial situation in the United States of America as a tool of attack in the discussion of international problems (Imam, 2007). Finally his sentiment was that such a strategy could grant the African states more force to handle the United States of America hence giving American Negroes more power in the American society.

The unrelenting work and efforts of Malcolm X to build the Nation of Islam is very clear and known by many. His departure from Elijah Muhammad is also nothing to hide. The breath of his vision is however something that many did not know and still by now many don’t know. His receiving of the genuine faith of Al-Islam is also unclear to many but the bottom line of it all is that he helped many souls turn to Islam in his preaching (Lincoln, 1973).

Although Malcolm X faced his untimely death on Sunday in 1965 in Audubon Ballroom, there are three major concerns that occupied the remainder of his attention. The first one was the introduction of the Islamic civilization in America and the introduction of the Afro-American question to the United Nations. Secondly it was the organization of an authentic internationally-recognized Afro-American national liberation movement (Imam, 2007). The last concern was to replace the irresponsible traditional of Negro leadership for without this, no meaningful conceptualizations could reach the masses.

To some sum up, it is evident through the discussion that the ultimate priority of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabbazz was establishing Al-Islam in the West. His second and another important priority was to liberate his people, the African-American from oppression. Truly Malcolm X was a great leader with major ideas in fighting against racism, exploitation and oppression of the Blacks. He also revolutionized Islam among the Black society.

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