Though my family practices normal and simple death rituals, there is some values attached and emphasis is put on the practice as compared to other passage rites. This is because my family views death as the greatest and mysterious aspect among the changes of state punctuating the life cycle of a human being (Walter, 2009). We look at death as transition to a new state of consciousness or being, that is everlasting.

If a person dies in my family, the affected is not only the nuclear family but the entire extended family who help to arrange for the funeral together with older members of the family.  The body will first be taken to a funeral home and allowed to stay there for only one or two days. Over the period family and friends will be gathered at the deceased’s home, consoling the aggrieved, and mourning through prayers. Some other decisions are also made including how spending will be made and the source of finances. Family and willing friends normally take charge of this function.

All the funeral arrangements are made at the funeral home. This will entail hiring of a funeral director who will take charge of tailoring the funeral service to meet the wishes and expectation of the family (Metcalf & Huntington, 2010). Being a Christian family, religion is part of the procedure and has some roles to play too. Considerations will be taken on where and how to purchase the burial plot, the caskets and burial containers not forgetting hiring the hearse. The family will additionally decide and prepare the burial program.

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The following activity is normally viewing the body. This normally takes place from 5pm to 9pm. It is aimed at paying the last respect to the dead and also ensuring that those who miss the burial service get a chance to gather with others (Walter, 2009). This process is initiated by prayers from the present church leaders.

Burial is done the day after the body has been viewed. The body is first taken to church at around 10 am for a funeral service that takes approximately one and half to two hours. Lastly, the congregation heads to the graveside to lay the dead to rest; the clergy leads others through the process. Food is subsequently taken. The family members will then head to family house to deliberate how to move on and members who have not seen each for long try to catch up (Metcalf & Huntington, 2010).

These death rituals have remained the same over time. My family does not engage in many rituals and projections for future changes are very slim. To sum up the whole discussion, my family values the dead and consequently accords them a descent sendoff by making appropriate preparations. Some of the activities include: being taken to the funeral home, making proper arrangement and prayers, and finally burying them in a suitable grave side. 

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