According to my perception, good parental care is the most precious thing that any parent can do for his/her children (Sheila B Kamerman, 1991). This is because the future life of a child depends on the parents’ contribution to the upbringing process. Therefore, it is imperative for all parents to provide parental care to their children so that their future lives can be prosperous. Parents can do this through instilling discipline to their children by encouraging them to practice behaviors that conform to the morals and values of the society, and shun behaviors that can be regarded as immoral in the society.

Because of love I have for my children, I dedicate myself to be with them, and I always endeavor to balance between my work and family life so as to have an ample time with my children. This enables me to identify their potentials in different activities. This is because, by having a good deal of time with them, I am able to learn various strengths and weaknesses of each one of them. For instance, Daquan, my first born child, can take proper care of other children when am away from home; that his unique strength, but his weakness is that he cannot cook while Sariyah, who is my second child, can. Therefore, I put more effort in helping them to realize their full potentials and rectifying their weaknesses, as well as their behaviors.

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Additionally, the times I spend with my children enables me to modify their behaviors by encouraging them to continue practicing desirable behavior and avoid inappropriate behavior. Although I love them so much, sometimes I punish them if their behaviors are improper, so that they can grow being responsible people. This is imperative because one of the major function of a family unit, especially parents, involves modification of children behaviors to ensure their behaviors conform to the norms, beliefs and, values of the society (Fantini & Ca%u0301rdenas, 1980). This enables children to grow up as principled, diligent and respectable people in the society.

Finally, being close to my children makes them feel free to express themselves and explain their feeling on various issues. This enables me to identify the most appropriate way to handle their issues adequately. This is vital because if there is no mutual relationship between the parent and children they can suffer from their problems alone due to fear of expressing themselves. This can lead to negative impact on the future life of a child because he/she can fail to express his or her feelings even when serious problems arise in the future.

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