A congruence model is basically an approach which was developed to abridge the different dynamics deployed by an organization with the purpose of managing responsibilities and also to helping the senior most management to forecast the actual patterns which are concerned with the behavior and performance of the aforementioned organization (Katz & Kahn, 1996). Just like in any other company, the Miami Project’s management is advised to deploy this technique if at all it is committed in fulfilling the vision of the company as a whole.

There are basically several factors which are made present to promote this kind of achievement in any organization. These factors include the input which the organization attracts from both the internal and external sources. In the case of “the Miami Project” the organization was somehow successful in pulling this kind of resource since it was able to source funds not only from the government budget, that is, the National Institutes of Health but also from successful businessmen (PR Newswire, 2003). The second factor which is taken into consideration reflects on the strategy upon which the organization develops its vision into distinctive sets of decisions about the organization’s objective. In line with ‘the Miami Project’, I am in a position to indicate that it indeed portrayed it’s commitment in achieving its vision: to find cure for spinal cord related illnesses. The third factor stipulates the fact that the organization output should be in a position to achieve the major objective of the organization as a whole. This is particularly portrayed in ‘the Miami Project’ when the organization has endured the hardships which comes with research and development in order to come up with products which have helped in serving the entire country population as a whole for instance the electronic rehabilitation is a product which was first developed by the dedicated neuroscientist’s team working with ‘the Miami Project’ (PR Newswire, 2007). With the execution of all this obligations by the ‘Miami Project’ proves that the entire organization was entirely focused in fulfilling its fundamental vision of finding the cure for spinal cord paralysis and thus it will be wise to instigate that the organization was indeed effective in its operations since its inception.

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 I believe that this organization could have done better if it had chosen to diversify its vision so that it could broadly accommodate an even wider vision which was in fact slowly propping up during the development of the organization. I also believe that it is the most appropriate time for Marc to allow room for diversification into the activities of the organization as a whole (Bioinformatics LLC., 2007). Just like what the other employees were suggesting about this phenomenon, Marc would have chosen to allow the organization expands its research and development capabilities to include the research for the treatment of brain trauma and neurodegenerative diseases as a whole since it is with this expansion as a whole that the organization could have stood a chance to receive more funds which would have been directed to the Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI). As a matter of fact the government had already put forth its intention of reducing its funding percentage to the organization.

 My specific recommendations for improving the organization are entirely dependent upon so many factors. Among these factors is leadership. I believe that it is a high-time a business oriented professional was given the mandate to oversee the entire operation of the organization. This is because it is only with this kind of professional that the organization problem of sourcing for additional funds will be handled (Slywotzky& Morrison, 1999). The stringent and tight budget of the prevailing fiscal year proved that the government was incapacitated in its bid to fund the project as a whole.

I also feel that the organization should instigate the preposition which encouraged the broadening of the vision to a more general one. This is to say that the organization should continue with the proposals which were originally advocated for by the co-founder, Dr.Barth Green. I believe that the president, Marc, should be made to understand that the initial vision over which the organization was created is somehow old and needs review. He should also be aware that with the current developments in the business sector, a risk in business undertaking is worth taking as it is stipulated in the case that Marc was somehow fearful about the impact of transforming the whole organization as a whole. Two good reasons for this transformation basically include the fact that there has been a significant decrease in the number of spinal cord patients all over the country which clearly indicate that the need for broadening the entire vision and objective is long overdue.

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